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Vladimir Putin's ability to verify information is completely compromised.
This article's primary purpose is to explain, beyond argument, why Vladimir Putin should step down, or be removed, from his post. The explanation is complete, and explicitly to that point.

Do you know what a Ghost is, in military rhetoric?

Vladimir Putin does.

Ghosts are a part of American Psyops (Psychological Operations), and "Tactical Psyops", as outlined in the Wikipedia entry, are particularly affixed to discrediting high value targets, establishing popular dissent, depleting morale, and creating disaffection in command structure. Meaning, by the looks of it, Russia is absolutely infested with Ghosts.

And that's just what they want you to think.

So here's the reality for Vladimir Putin. Somebody is strategically leaking Russia's intelligence while preserving their cover. His operations are compromised to an extent that he can't discern. By now, he can't be sure if anyone is left on his side, and anyone that is presenting themselves as being supportive is losing their credibility with him, gradually, as his disaster of a military campaign continues to flounder.

The reality is that Putin can't be sure of much of anything outside of first hand, in person, experience. It truly appears that the Russian military is riddled with Ghosts, sacking morale, disrupting command, and possibly circling him as his descent into darkness spirals into literal oblivion. So far as he knows, the infestation could be so pervasive that everything he's presented with could be part of an operation to destroy him.

In an ideal situation, running a Psyop in Russia, you have more than one Ghost in the top officials, in good standing with the other top officials. You have operatives scattered throughout the Russian military, across all ranks. You have operatives scattered throughout the civilian population. And across those involved politically. It all adds up when you look at it. And it's all completely invisible. Or they completely don't exist. There's exactly no way to tell.

It looks like the ideal situation. But, maybe, there's no presence at all. Ghosts are referred to as Ghosts for a reason. It appears that low morale and popular dissent are on the rise. So, Ghosts or not, the wagons could be circling. And after he threatened anyone willing to intervene, with nuclear weapons, he opened up a massive door for big time conspiracy theories against him to manifest into reality. All of this takes a serious toll on the Human mind. And by now, the reality is Putin can't be fit to retain his post, by simple mandates of logic.

I'll explain.

If you're being completely sane, you have to acknowledge everything that's actually possible. When you see or hear a new piece of information, if you fail to acknowledge that it's possible that the information is false, or is possibly skewed to manipulate perception, you aren't being sane. Any new piece of information, from any source, must be examined as though all possibilities, regarding that information, are factually plausible. Including thoughts that occur to you.

This is especially problematic in modern civilization, as motives for distorting the truth, to obtain a favorable outcome, are more bountiful than ever before. Besides that, there's also plentiful reason to expect that information you receive is, simply, a poor translation of the reality of the information they're trying to convey. You aren't being sane if you plainly accept information as it comes to you, and react as though it's the incontrovertible truth. You can only accept that it's possible, along with all the possibility that it's not true, including all the possible motives and reasons that it may be distorted.

Failure to accept all of these possibilities is not sane, and is incompetent to reality. All of what you cannot disprove of these possibilities is the truth of what you can know about information that you recieve. And when you give people reason to deceive you, you affect your perception of probability. The greater the reasons that people may deceive you, the more impactful this probability becomes in your perception. Ultimately, this leads to compromised judgement, and decisions with reasonings that aren't based in reality. Meaning, this drives you insane, and diminishes your capacity to make accurate and effective decisions. Fundamentally, this incapacitates. Failure to acknowledge the incapacitation is incompetent, and, if not addressed, can be attributed to sabotage, if the incapacitated individual is in a leadership position.

So, here, we have Vladimir Putin. Can Vladimir Putin really rule out Ghosts? No. Can he really determine the extent to which Ghosts may be involved? No. Can he rule out all encompassing conspiracy theories against him? No. Can he rule out the possibility of a revolt? No. Can he rule out that this was all planned, and that his actions were all predicted by a top secret super computer? No. Can he even rule out that he's under alien invasion? No. He can't rule out, essentially, anything, and he's affected his perception of probability to an extent of total self destruction.

Here's an example of something Vladimir Putin has to accept as a legitimate possibility.

There was no invasion of the Ukraine. All of the reports and documentation he's observed were fabricated to produce the illusion for him as part of a plot to remove him from power. The goal is to eliminate his credibility, and establish him to the people as a terrorist and war criminal. This was executed by the Kremlin itself, as Putin was perceived as a severe threat to the welfare of the country. The involvement of other governments in the, "negotiations", over the Ukraine was evoked as a massive, internationally cooperative, intelligence operation to promote erratic and aggressive decision making, and includes the participation of world news media, through the involvement of intelligence agencies and operatives around the world. Even satellites could be hacked and broadcasting produced or looped information. Thanks Hollywood.

He cannot disprove this to himself. That's called, "compromised".

Whether there's a lick of truth to any of it, with that as a possibility, the certain reality is, Vladimir Putin has enemies that Russia does not, and has expressed a willingness to let his country suffer for it. That's bad leadership, expressing that his compromised judgement is, in fact, facilitating the incompetent leadership of a nation. Then there's the reality of Vladimir Putin's sanity, where, even if he is exactly accurate in his thinking, in regards to all of what's, truly, possible, he's demonstrating that he's either insane, or incompetent to handle the reality of what's possible for him.

This leads me to the unfortunate, very plausible explanation, that Vladimir Putin has been reduced to, simply, self preservation. Unless he, simply, hasn't realized any of this, that makes sense. I'd really have figured Putin to be the type that actually had regard for their legacy, but that demonstrates having no honor, and total disregard for the success of his own people. At this point, though, after terrorizing the world with the threat of nuclear annihilation, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, I have to wonder if Vladimir Putin cares about anything at all.
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