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The Assassination of Wyatt Earp for daily flash

Sam Adams was a mercenary from the 23rd century and a time bandit outlaw. He worked for a private security firm that had contacts across all the multi-verses. Going back in time to change the past and thus the future was a huge crime and very profitable indeed.

His boss, the mysterious Maria Lee, rumored to be a secret alien from the planet Sirus who had contacts across the various intelligence agencies gave him assignments from time to time.

He had 24 hours to respond and a week to take the assignment. Usually, he went back as a gunslinger assassin and killed prominent people. He was the assassin that got both Kennedys – under a contract with the then CIA director, he also killed Jimmy Hoffa and Martin Luther King.

For this assignment, he was to go back in time and kill Wyatt Earp before the Ok Carol killing. His boss gave him the assignment as usual giving him an ambiguous reason for the assignment. For this one, he was merely told.

‘think of it this way. It could be worst. You could be told to go back and kill your great-great-grandfather, Wild Hitchcock and thus disappear from the timeline for good. “

Sam smiled as usual at her lame jokes. He believed that she had an alien sense of humor at times. He asked,
Sam went back to town and went to the bar and joined the gang in playing cards. Someone stood up and accused Wild Bill of cheating. Sam jumped up and shot Wyatt Earp but someone else shot Wild Bill Hitchcock dead. The man turned to him and said

Sorry, Sam nothing personnel but I have a contract on you too.”

And shot him. Thus ended Sam Adams’s career as a time-traveling outlaw.


It could have been worst

Wyatt Earp’s Birthday – Born in Monmouth, Illinois in 1848, American frontiersman and marshal who participated in the gunfight at the OK Corral

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