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by D.B.
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A Special Friendship
Back when my special needs sons (both Autistic) went to school in Ga, where we used to live, they always rode to school together. It was a small school system and we lived in a couple of small towns there. At first, we lived in a place so rural that the first year we lived there there wasn't a school bus that regularly went into our town, But later that changed, thankfully. A few years later we moved to a slightly larger town where there was no problem getting a bus to come around. We even became friends with one bus driver (that is another story.)

My son David, who is more disabled than my other son Zachary, would not always sit together as the bus driver/ bus attendant had certain ways they wanted to seat the children for various reasons. When my son David was in high school, he sometimes sit by a girl named Abigail, who had high-functioning Down syndrome. I thought it was cute because David has Down Syndrome too, although he is not as high-functioning as Abigail: she could write while David speaks only rarely and has trouble with writing. Still, that did not stop them from being friends, as I soon discovered.

One day after school I opened David's backpack to discover some notes and schoolwork that weren't his as they had Abigail's name on them. I thought maybe they had shared some classes and the teacher accidentally put Abigail's work in David's backpack. But then, things started getting a little more peculiar. One time he came home with all of his spare shirts on and none in his backpack. When I asked the teacher, she said she didn't know anything about it. But then, there were little notes to David and one Christmastime, a gift. It was clear that she was fond of David, and he seemed to not mind the attention either. She sat beside David a lot on the bus and sometimes held his hand, I found out. One time Zachary said that Abigail put Chapstick on David . She doted on him and he did not mind. I began to see it as kind of a sweet, innocent romance/ friendship.

Sadly, we ended up having to eventually move out of state, and leave the life we had made there. And my boys had to leave their best friends. Yes, my son David had a best friend, and her name was Abigail. I never thought he would have a good friend, and he did. I often wonder what Abigail is doing now. I assume she is probably living in the same small town, but I don't know that for sure. I'm sure she still thinks of David, and though he can't tell me, no doubt he still thinks of her.
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