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Warming up to The Day for Dew Drop In April Poetry Challenge
I start my day drinking a cup
Of hot coffee come what may
I like to warm up
To the dawning day.

I start by getting up at dawn,
Then by biking two k
While brewing up my coffee,
And looking at my emails.

Then I turn on CNN, watch the news,
While doing my dream journal prewriting,
draft poems, stories, writing com writing.
Following my ever creative muse.

I wake up my wife
The love of my life
And want to play
Discussing our plans for the day.

Have my morning breakfast
usually a smoothie, or kefir.
My homemade breakfast gives me much pleasure
just like in my own private bed and breakfast.

Turning off the news,
Turning on music, listening to the blues
about 11 a.m., I start my day
Ready for whatever comes my way.

After finishing my “me time” warm-up
I am ready to press on
That is the way
I like to warm up to the day.
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