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Remember the days of the Ol' Schoolyard?
(Remember the days of the ‘ol Schoolyard?)

We never used to know the life
we seemed to understand.
We lived our lives unknowingly;
we laughed and cried,
sang with the band
and never were the wiser.

And that was our saving grace
as adolescents.

We never were the wiser.
We knew it all,
in our peculiar clueless manner.
We'd have pontificated,
had we known the word.

Instead, we just shot off our mouths
with our unending lack of experience.

"And today,
my sweet,
you and I meet,
letting yesterday renew again.
While we were young,
our songs unsung,
we understood no end!"

No longer sixteen,
way, way no longer….

What a pleasure to see you
each morning, though,
as we get set
in our stirrups to grind out the day

I for one,
am glad
we're no longer sixteen,
for then we were but friends.
both fifty-whatever,
we know we never knew,
and know we'll never know.

And that's a knowing smile
to be treasured.

"And today,
my friend,
let there be no end
to the children we once knew.
Let them dance and sing
for the joy they bring
to the older me and you."

So now we think
we know this life.
Well, perhaps we just know what
we want for today?
Still, I'm glad for this chance
to know you now
as the person you’ve become.
This one has chutzpah.

This one has lived.
Known life's
particular penchant for kicking
when you're down.

Always, in the most vulnerable spot.

Still, you smile when you can,
and when you can't,
I still see you.

"And now the moment
fades to past
as time and life moves on.
And if this moment
was the last,
I'm glad we sang our song."

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