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Rated: E · Poetry · Sci-fi · #2270631
A Solivagant’s Journey To A Distant Time for Writers Cramp
A Solivagant’s Journey To Distant Time
38 lines

Sam Adams took off one day
His goal to be a world traveler.
A WT, a Solivagant

Traveling the world
With his backpack, a laptop
His clothes, and not much more.

A minimal amount of money
Staying at cheap hostels
See as much of the world
as he could within two years.

Near the end of his travels
Deep in the vast wilderness
Of the Himalayas.

He came to a temple
Deep in the mountains
The old wizen monk
Greeted him warmly
He got so few visitors
to his out of the way temple
Lost in time and space.

Over tea, he told Sam,
That there was in his temple
A gateway to other worlds.

But it was a one-way gate
Did Sam accept the challenge?
None ever came back
So he did not know where
They might end up,

Just a distant time and place
That is all he knew
He had come from another place
For it was a one-way gate
On the other end as well.

Sam smiled
And stepped through the portal
Telling the monk,

“I always felt that,
"Distant times were calling me."


NEW PROMPT Due Sunday, April 3, 2022, 11:59 AM Writing.Com Time

Use the following as the LAST line of your poem or story:

"Distant times were calling me."

Please Bold the line for judging convenience.

The genre is up to you!

Have fun!
Note also written for April 2 NaPoWrMO prompt to use unusual words I chose solivagant a sole traveler.
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