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Sam Adams, Criminal Master Mind For Writers Cramp
Sam Adams, Criminal Master Mind

Sam Adams was a notorious criminal mastermind
Known for his boldness, cruelty, and ability
To get away with his crimes,
For he had the best lawyers money could buy.

Following several life adages
Along the way.

Always “goes for broke”
Believing it was better
To “get there or die trying”

Always at the right place
Right time.


No joke, there I was!

Believing in the Latin phrase,

“carpe diem”
Which was part
The tattoos slogans
Covering his body.

Finally, he always was looking
For the next big thing.

He never believed that.

“It is better to regret the things you’ve done,
Then the things you haven’t.”,

April 5 is National Go For Broke Day.

Write a story or poem about someone who "goes for broke."

Use the following phrases, highlighted in bold, in your entry.

get there or die trying

No joke, there I was!

carpe diem

Make "It is better to regret the things you’ve done, than the things you haven’t.", in bold, as the last line of your entry.

Good Luck!

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