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Rated: E · Short Story · Women's · #2270860
An unexpected contest result threatens Amanda's standing in the neighborhood.
“I can’t believe it!” Amanda huffed at the notice she pulled from her mailbox. “I always win the ‘Ultimate Home’ contest.” She glared at the victory sign slumped in the lawn across the street. “Who are the freaks who beat me? They don’t even have children, and she works. How did they get here?”

“The house went up for sale, and they bought it,” Elena said.

“Not just anybody can afford this place. It’s for the elite!” She spied a woman walking out of the house across the street in jeans, a green T-shirt, and walking shoes. “How are they even here, much less beating me? The house is positively average!”

Elena took the notice from Amanda’s hands. “It says the house is ‘innovative.’ Your new neighbors work in technology. They’ve upgraded the place with smart devices. It says they have two beautiful parrots.”

“Pets, how disgusting.” Amanda smoothed her designer dress and stormed across the street. “Excuse me; I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

The woman pulled her mail from her box. “What’s that?”

She gestured to the lawn sign sagging by the road. “That winner sign. I know you stole it.”

The woman laughed. “You caught me. I used it to kill a snake.” She picked up the sign to reveal a small, black snake dangling from the post at the bottom.

Amanda screamed and waddled back into her house on her three-inch heels. Elena raised an eyebrow at the limp vermin. “Interesting.”

The woman stared at Elena’s pantsuit and heels. “Whatever.” She dropped the sign and walked back into her house.

“There goes the neighborhood,” Elena mumbled as she clicked open her luxury car for her salon appointment.

Word Count: 284
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