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The rambunctious former guy misses Tweeter for Writers Cramp
The rambunctious former guy
Missed having a tweeter account
Where he would daily rant about life
Infecting his insipid deadly thoughts
Into the body politics
Inadvertently trigger mass psychosis
Among his cult-like followers
Who read his tweets
With a cathartic sense
That they were reading
The words of a biblical prophet
Sent by God to clean up
The corrupt modern world

* insipid
* rambunctious
* deadly
* inadvertent
* cathartic
(The words may appear in any order in your story, but make sure you make them bold.)

NB: The most successful entries will be those which use the words in a meaningful way, so that they occur naturally in the story, rather than feeling artificial, as if awkwardly shoe-horned in or as if the story is just an unnatural construct to force their use.

Due April 8st, 2022 before noon, WdC time. === ( Deadline: 16 hours 37 minutes 35 seconds )

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