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These facts/dates concern me. My commentary explains.
1922 Russia and Ukraine unite, along with two smaller Socialist states, to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
(USSR) --- The Soviet Union.

Exactly 100 years later, Russia "invades" Ukraine.


1991 A vote in the Soviet state Ukraine (under the ever-present surveillance of the NKVD or MVD or whatever the soviets were calling that agency at the time??) leads to a Ukrainian declaration of Independence, which results in the apparent collapse of the USSR (Soviet Union).

Exactly 20 years later, Joe Biden moves into our White House, following a confusing, controversial, and highly contested election.

1999 The Unity Bloc made remarkable advances in the December elections simply by supporting Putin. Two weeks later, Putin became acting president of Russia upon the resignation of Boris Yeltsin.

2000 Putin was elected president for a full term with nerarly 53% of the vote. Now, that's incredible!


1998, Vladimir Putin became chief of the Federal Security Service (FSB), one of two successors of the KGB.

August 2021 Seven months into his "presidency", Joe Biden abandoned enough weaponry and hardware to outfit a moderate-sized military base to our enemies in Afghanistan. The United States, in essence gave our sworn enemies in the Taliban an entire new base of operations. Extreme error or treason?

April 2022 The most recent data I have, shows that the U.S. (on orders from our Commander-in-Chief) has sent $2.6 Billion of American weaponry to Ukraine since late February. That's more than $1.3 Billion per month (out of the pockets of American taxpayers) that are being poured into one of the two major founding countries of the Soviet Union (Ukraine) in its alleged "war" with the other major Soviet founder (Russia). Is this another foolish Afghanistan-like "error"? Or perhaps just another traitorous arms delivery? We are disarming ourselves in order to arm a country which was a long-time overt enemy of the U.S. and might now be a covert enemy.

Worst Case Scenario: It is my understanding that the U.S. government has no way to track the arms shipments beyond their delivery in Ukraine. (Even though U.S. surveillance is able to detect Putin's postcibal expulsions of gas?!) How many U.S. missiles will ever be fired at Russian targets (aside from a few token 'hits' to show Americans what a wonderful job we're doing)? How many American weapons and vehicles are already part of Russian convoys?

If/When political tides change, will our military men and women be facing an enemy armed with weapons built in America and originally intended for use against those enemies?

FACT CHECK: Soviet governments have long been known to use subterfuge, assassinations and outright murder, harsh imprisonment without the benefit of trial or defense, and suppression of all political dissidents.

BEST FACT CHECKER in AMERICA: You are, ya dunce!! I told you the truth as I understand it in the "fact check" above, but are you certain that I'm not lying about telling you the truth? I research topics in a variety of ways: multiple websites (social media does NOT count), multiple printed sources, and by direct in-person evaluation when I deem it necessary. If YOU want to know about health issues, YOU consult the Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Comtrol (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). If you want to know which of your state representatives voted for which legislation, look it up directly in your state's legislative assembly logs. It's there. It might be written in politico-babble, but any moderately intelligent citizen can probably figure it out. I assure you that my only goal is to provide you with true facts, but first, how do you KNOW that's what my goal is? Second, how do you KNOW that I have a complete understanding of the facts myself?

Those who believe without question everything that anyone tells them are essentially giving away the use of their brain. They might as well put their arms in shackles, because they will be slaves of ignorance forever. Why yield your ability-to-reason to someone just because it seems easier to let them reason for you? If someone were to offer to do all your legwork for you, would you let them cut off your legs just because it would save you some steps?

Listen to those who echo your beliefs, but listen more carefully to those who dispute your beliefs. Then, weigh all the opinions together to see how heavy they are. Truth is almost never at an extreme.

Btw, did I mention that the Russian secret service infiltrated the Russian Orthodox Church at one point, and was also caught maintaining hidden surveillance on Russian citizens? Has Putin's minions infiltrated the U.S. government?
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