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"Stranger in a Strange Land " for Dew Drop Inn
Stranger in a Strange Land

Sam Adams
One day, woke up
In a strange mood
In a strange place
In a strange land.

He looked up
And saw the emotions
Of those around him.

Red, blue and green auras
Flowing around the humans
He encountered
As he wandered through the streets.

He spoke and saw his words
Forming in the air
And saw the words
Of the people all around him.

Then he was overwhelmed
By the smells
Of the emotional intensity
Of humanity.

He just wanted
To return home
Where he was nose blind
And blind to the emotional colors
Of people all around him.

But that was not to be
He was stuck
A stranger forever
In an ever strange land.

April 23—Synesthesia, sort of—turns something into something else for some reason (to better understand it, to see it differently, to cope, to escape pain, to glory in description or metaphor, or just the reality of it). Examples: turn sound into color, pain into flowers, trauma into a graphic novel… Alternative prompt: Auditory Sensory Meridian Response. Or both!

Possible inspiration via art exhibit:
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