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Smell of Brewing Kombucha for weekly challenge
The Smell of Brewing Kombucha

Ode to Kombucha

I have been drinking
the elixir of long life,
Homemade Kombucha
For almost five years now.

Kombucha has a tart flavor
And an intense aroma
A hearty mix of fermentation
Underlying spices
Tea and flavonoids

We add pomegranate juice
Turmeric and ginger
To the black and green tea base
Mixed with ever growing Mother

Kombucha gets me going
In the morning
Great cure for a hangover.
And cured my seasonal hay fewer
And helps moderate my migraines.

We make enough
To have it every morning
And occasionally in the afternoon.

Takes about a week
To brew up properly.

The only downside
Is our kitchen smells
Like at time
Like a homemade brewery.

The intense smells and flavors
Wake us up from our slumbers,
Revitalizing our spirits,
Making it a great morning
Pickup drink.

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