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Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2271995
How The Hyenas Tried To Rule The Animal Kingdom

Once in wet Treasureton,
The hyenas craved to rule.
‘We are the Kings Fountain,
This small state's Leaders Pool!’
(So said these wild canines
To lions, tigers and wolves.)

‘Raid homes, farms, schools and inns
Oh fanged and gentle doves!
These lands are rightly yours!’
Said Meth, the Hyena Lord.
‘They're each fewer than us,
And are in deep discord.’

And thus it came to pass:
While folly ruled the rest,
The hyenas used that chance
To fight those who fought best.

When lions became silenced
With loss and dread for pain,
The hyenas hectares stretched
And multiplied by two.

The wolves and the tigers
All mocked them for their fall
And shook in big sniggers,
And helped not, big and small.

The wolves were struck aft that,
But none came near to help;
Selfishness ruled each heart,
Aye, both adult and welp.

When tigers looked and saw
That nobody did care,
Each, with a trembling jaw
Dropped his ‘Liquid Gold’ ware.

And so it came to be
That discord made them dots,
Who should be one, yet three,
And wiped them off like spots.
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