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What is Justice, anyway?

What is Justice, anyway?

What is this thing
We call justice, anyway
And why should we care
At all?

Those who have the gold
Make the rules
That the rest of us
Must follow.

And they call that justice
And justice is for sale
To those who have the green
They get all the justice they need,

Those that don’t have the green
Do not get a chance to get justice.

Justice is blind they say
A blind lady liberty
Who looks the other way
When the rich and powerful
Need justice.

The poor and powerless
Need not apply for justice
Is not color blind.

The color of justice
Is in the end green,

Those that have the green
Get it
and those that don’t

And that my friends
Is what Justice really means
In the land of the free
And the home of the brave.

Justice is for sale
To the highest bidder
That is American style justice

In the end it is all about
The “Benjamin’s :
Nothing personal at all
Just the way of the corrupt
Modern world we live in.

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