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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2272099
The adventure of a covid microbe and a talking horse-guy.
Oats and corey's excellent weta adventure
By monstermaster13.
Characters featured in this story:
Oats: A brown and white horse-person who loves feminine things and loves playing princess, he is always referring to the female companion he loves the most as his 'mommy' and he loves to go on adventures and neigh and play, he has a princess persona and travels in a blue bag.
Corey: A humanoid covid microbe with red skin, spikes, yellow eyes to go with said spikes and an energetic personality, he is friendly and outgoing despite his scary reputation, he is the human he loves the mosts's favorite microbian companion, he is always travelling and learning new friends, he is also a babysitter and takes care of the others, organizing their naptimes and being a good leader in general.
Sir Richard Taylor: Effects supervisor at Weta Workshop.
Jeff: An orc-like security guard who makes a lot of dad-like jokes, is loved by adults and children but in particular parents, in particular dads who find his jokes to be funny, considers himself to be a comedy genius and is in charge of security and health and safety.
Ombra: The kind and friendly tour guide who keeps everything in check and tells the story our two heroes go through.

This is the tale of two friends that went on a fantastic adventure to discover many wonderful new things, there lived two friends that always traveled together...their names were Oats and Corey, Oats was a brown anthropomorphic horse with brown fur and a white half-muzzle but still sort of human-like face, he had very expressive ears and eyes and wore a glamorous pink dress, and Corey was a microbe, a red and yellow humanoid covid microbe with yellow eyes, despite his scary reputation, he was actually quite friendly. These two got along rather well despite differences and loved to be together, Corey was originally a villainous microbe who spread his influence and made people sick, but he turned to the side of good, it was a very big and exciting day for the duo, as they were going to go on a quest, a question to a wondrous place known as 'weta workshop', which made both of them excited, as they both hopped onboard a taxi which took them to Skycity which was located in federal street, when they got there...they entered the building and went up to level 5 in the elevator before reaching level 5, which is where their magical destination was. Oats looked around all giddy with excitement as he swirled around in his dress, he noticed some strange footprints on the floor and followed them. 'Corey, look. What creature do you think made those?' 'Maybe a bird-creature, or some kind of reptile.'

'Do you really think it could be a monster?'

'Now Oats, you know if there was a monster i'd protect you.'

Oats trot-walked all the way and that's when he saw a friendly tour guide...he greeted the tour guide, the tour guide showed them to the weta cave where they saw all sorts of collectibles from movies that Weta had designed creatures and costumes from including LOTR and the Hobbit, at the entrance of the cave there were four trolls, they looked intimidating but Oats didn't mind, not just that but there were lots of interesting characters, familiar faces that the two of them knew...'woah, look over there. In that case of mini-epics, I see the Ghostbusters, and look...I see Zuul and Slimer too. And the LOTR cast of characters too.'

The duo took photos, Corey chuckled as he saw a xenomorph holding a shopping bag...'That alien looks like he's ready to shop. I wonder what he'll buy.' Both of them explored a little bit more and that's when they came across a dragon, not just any dragon though...Oats reached over and touched the dragon, the dragon blinked as he opened his eyes. 'Careful, you don't want to wake him up do you?' 'Yeah, don't want to wake Smaug up.' Noticing two half hobbitish men walk over to where he was, the equine blushed.


'Oh no no..it's alright, he likes being stroked like that.' 'He does?' 'oh yes, he certainly does.' the two of them waited for a bit and then they got summoned over by a lovely woman named Ombra....she was a tour woman with a quirky sense of humor. 'You must be Oats and Corey..are you ready for your epic quest?' 'We sure are.' Corey and Oats presented their magical tickets and passes and they were taken inside through the storeroom. 'What is so magical about this area?' the covid microbe asked. Ombra explained to Corey that there was a monster that had escaped and was on the run in the workshop and that everything in the workshop was magical, even the place where all the fake blood was cooled, he looked over at a large box containing some kind of ancient yeti-like monster...'is that guy likely to come out of his box? Does he eat humans?' 'oh no..not until the next ice age.'

'Thank goodness, I can't imagine waiting that long for that to happen. Plus do you know how hard it is for someone to survive in the cold wearing just a dress?' Oats quipped, whinnying as he laughed. He trotted around as he followed her, going through the storeroom and looking at places with various 'dreams' all presented on a big screen and seeing doors with silhouettes, each of them showing someone being transformed into a creature. The screen showed three movies...one was a 1980's type horror movie about a family moving into an abandoned farm only to end up awakening a screeching demonic monster, the second was a fantasy movie called Age Of The Everclan which was about humanoid dinosaur-folk, and the third was a sci movie about aliens with a humanoid weta-like alien. Upon entering the group were shown all of the items that had been collected by the resident security guard, a large orc-like creature, called Jeff. Jeff was sleeping, that was until an alarm clock woke him up.

Jeff yawned as Sir Richard Taylor popped up on screen to welcome the new guests to the tour, he introduced himself and also introduced Jeff. 'I don't think i've seen this guy before..where's he from?' Corey asked. 'He's an animatron...' 'Yeah, an animatronic..from Hamiltron.' The orc-like security guard laughed at his own joke, he had a tendency to make what were essentially dad jokes but the others laughed, especially Oats. 'Has that guy considered doing standup?' Oats inquired. 'Jeff thinks he's quite the comedian but he's actually head of security and in charge of health and safety. By the way, what on earth happened to your thumb?'

'I sprained it trying to hitchhike out of here.' 'I shouldn't have asked.' Corey chuckled....'I think I like this guy.' Richard pointed out that he knew that the group would be perfect to be actors in the new productions that were being made...'what do you reckon, do you think they'll fit the bill?' 'I don't know, I just work security. I figured that they look like they'd make a good casserole.'

"Did that orc just say he thinks of us as food?"

"Don't worry, he's joking."

'Jeff, you know you're not allowed to eat guests.' 'I'm just joking, besides..they look like a bunch of security leaks to me.' 'oh you..' 'Sorry boss, just working through some personality issues at the moment.' 'Personality issues?' 'Yes, it's to do with my job..in-security.' Oats chuckled at the joke. 'Oh Jeff, you really are a monster.' The doorway opened up as Ombra began to show the duo around, the first area they were transported to was a horror movie, the set of 'Fauna'..'now if you get scared remember i'm here.' 'Don't you worry Corey, i've seen much scarier things', the two of them explored the area.

Corey floated over to a bin that contained what happened to be human arms and hands, while Oats was eyeing the drawer full of eyes and also the brain drawers. Oats felt a little bit nervous but was enthralled, he really felt like had been taken to an abandoned farm setting, he looked over to another part of the exhibit and he found a screaming monster head, he decided to test out the monster head's voice feature...'helloooooo, i am the dark lord of the nightmare realm, you have disrupted my sleep and now i will shall punish you!', he intoned into the creature's mouth, the creature repeated the line with a menacing, booming sort of demonic voice, which astounded the anthro equine. Corey was making goofy expressions which in turn animated an animatronic head...'look at what I can do!'.

Oats chuckled as the duo went over to an operating table with a large winged-monster on it...'I've always wanted to play doctor.' Corey quipped, picking up the prongs and using one to scoop out some glowing orbs that were in the monster's body. 'Doctor Corey, are you sure it's safe to operate on this monster?' 'Why of course Nurse Oats. This monster needs our help, because clearly he has swallowed some rocks.'

"Those don't look like ordinary rocks to me."

Corey pulled some rocks out of the monster's stomach and jumped back as the monster sprung to life and roared at him, he squeaked in shock and then looked over at his equine companion, who was touching the monster and also looking over into the mirrors. One makeup mirror showed someone having a half disfigured makeup look applied to them complete with a Freddy Krueger-esque design and a Baron Harkonnen-esque selection of boils and pockmarks, like the version of the Baron from David Lynch's adaptation. While in another mirror, a woman was sprouting mottled brownish fur and whiskers and half rabbit-like ears along with much sharper teeth and piercing red eyes. 'Did you see that? Look at those people..I wonder what we would look like.' 'I cannot wait to see.'

The two headed towards the mirrors and smiled, as they did their reflection was applied special monster makeup...Oats found himself growing a pair of demon-like horns as his mane and tail became fiery and some of his brown fur darkened as he gained flames in his eyes, making him look like an anthro Nightmare while Corey found himself levitating as he sprouted wings and his teeth sharpened, particularly his canines which extended to resemble fangs and he hissed playfully...'Corey, are you?' 'Yes, I got turned into a vampire virus, a vampirus. I don't have the urge to drink blood though, i'm not Marv the mosquito's girlfriend.'

After leaving the area with the mirrors, the two of them decided to explore around a little more, messing with the lighting and sound effects, they were playing a game of haunted house and telling their own story. 'And the vampire virus attacked, turning this poor innocent horse-guy here into a mind controlled minion.' 'yeeees master.' Oats murmured, doing his best impersonation of someone who had been put under a mind control spell. Just then, the ground shook as the lights flickered on and off and changed colors, in the process, Corey began to glow and change colors himself. 'I didn't know you could do that.' Neither did I.'

The two bravely made it through, crossing through the 'Fauna' exhibit into the 'Age Of The Everclan' exhibit, they returned to normal from being monsters and they looked over at a table full of all sorts of items, and they noticed a man who was wearing a mask like the one Oats's favorite human wore when going out, this man was working on a miniature model and he was asleep. 'I wonder what this man dreams about.' 'Probably something amazing.' Ombra explained the story of the movie and about how they were two groups of anthro dinosaurs, one good and one evil that were at war. Ombra then showed them to a special portal room, and when they stepped through...they bore witness to several people being made to look like they had become living miniature human beings, Oats looked over at himself and measured himself, he too had become sort of a miniature but Corey had remained the exact same size as he usually did but he felt like he was a miniature figure anyway as he explored the castles with his equine friend. 'I can't wait to tell my mommy about this beautiful castle.' the horse-guy cheered, whinnying in the process.

Getting into character, Oats acted the part of a princess and as he did he grew a unicorn's horn and become a female version of himself that was an anthro unicorn princess...he examined his or 'her' more feminine body and blushed, he always thought of himself as pretty but now he was even prettier than usual. 'Corey, look at me..i'm a real princess! I've always wanted to be a princess.' He examined his flowing mane and whinnied, and he examined how elegant he was, as a lovely female anthro unicorn, meanwhile Corey had found the castles and decided to pose near them and as he did he felt like playing a part in the story, he acted out the part of a king, standing atop the balcony of the castle, watching over the guests. 'I wish Alcina could be here so she could be my queen.' 'Can I be your princess?' 'Yes.' 'Yaaaaay!'

The two of them explored the castles and the area, before making their way over to where the characters were made...Corey took some paper and traced a picture of one of the characters, and then he went over to test out the chain-mail...'Make way for King Corey!', Oats announced, as he trotted in and spun around, many guests stopped to admire Corey trying out the armor and examining the sword on display as well as his model making skills, using some latex and clay he was able to make a half-creature nose and eyebrows which he put on the lifecast of a human face, he also tested the fire-place and made friends with some porcine-like guards, then he took his opportunity as he floated over to the throne and placed himself up on it, as he did he glowed and developed muscle mass, becoming a super-powered up version of himself that looked like the cover of a magazine like Heavy Metal.

Corey wielded the sword proudly as he floated down from the throne, just then he sensed there was some kind of presence as he began to glow once more, Ombra showed them through another door and this door showed them through into the world of the very last stop on the tour, the sci fi world of 'Origins', the duo returned to normal for a little bit but this time they got to keep some mystical items. Corey noticed the interesting alien-creature which looked like a mix of a human and a weta....'I wonder if Seth Brundle is related to this guy.' Oats looked around at the designs and watched as what was being brought to life was being made, he reached over and touched a robot hand. Ombra explained that the hand was from a robot who was created by the half-weta-like alien to be a humanoid but also a mother figure. 'Aaaaw, the robot is a mommy.'

Corey's body began to glow a bit more as he spun around and turned into a half alien-version of himself with four eyes, while Oats turned into an equine space captain who had cybernetic parts, the two of them hopped around and battled aliens together as a duo. Corey saw a model spaceship and took the perfect opportunity to look at the ship. 'I have an idea.' the humanoid covid microbe wandered over to the ship and stood below the glowing light, and the spaceship moved as it began to pick him up. 'Help! Help! The aliens are abducting me and are taking me to their planet!' 'Don't you worry, i'll save you.'

Oats glided through the air like he was an astronaut on the moon, floating gently towards his microbian friend and pulling him gently back onto the ground using some of his magic. 'Phew, that was close.' 'No problem buddy.' Corey faced the spaceship as it glowed once more...'I mean you no harm, I come in peace', the two were then taken inside a spaceship as they moved into the next room. A countdown process began as the two of them held hands and braced for lift-off, they were taken through a spectacular outer space journey and they felt like they had gone to another planet without having left Earth, or even the room they were in for that matter. The robot sprung to life as she looked all regal, Corey and Oats greeted the robot, and even bowed down to her as if she was a queen or goddess.

Then...on the screen, they saw their friends from the beginning of the tour, including Richard Taylor as all kinds of spectacular imagery was shown in a movie that showed all of the amazing things Weta was known for, they cheered as the magic flowed all around, and the creatures sprung to life. At the very end of the movie, they saw their orcish friend Jeff who was once again on duty, whoever...a shadow emerged..'no, stay back, stay back, shoo.' "That creature isn't going to get Jeff, we must do something.'

"You know what we must do?"

'Adventure Bestie powers, activate!' the two buddies exclaimed together as they held two mystical items together. 'Form of, Super Corey!' 'Form of Magical Unicorn Princess Oatsie!', the two of them morphed into their super forms from the fantasy exhibit, Corey becoming the buffed up version of himself known as Super Corey as Reach Out by Cheap Trick played and Oats becoming his super magical princess alter-ego as the two of them readied their special moves to fight off the creature.

The creature squirmed and squealed as Oats trotted after him..when the movie's credits rolled and the movie ended, Richard Taylor bid farewell to the group, but after that...a spotlight was shown on the creature. The whole tour had been building up to the arrival of the creature, the creature was revealed to be a gremlin-esque creature with green skin that looked rather adorable. 'Aaaaw, the monster was cute.' 'Yeah he certainly is. You know that episode of the Hercules show with the baby harpies?' 'Beanstalks and Bad Eggs?' 'Yes, that one our human companion Nathan likes so much, with the late Glenn Shadix.' 'That creature looks like the baby harpies, don't ya think?' 'Yeah, we should tell Nathan's friend Serena and of course Glenn, we should tell Glenn about this.'

The tour came to a conclusion as the two along with the other members of the group, left the exhibition and came out in the same way they had come in, arriving at the weta cave once more...Oats and Corey both agreed that the journey was fantastic as they returned to their normal selves, but both of them had come out with some new powers, they could become their forms from all three of the movie sets they had visited at will. Those forms being Nightmare!Oats, Vampirus Corey, Mighty Super King Corey, Unicorn Princess Oats, Corey of the Planet Covidicus-19 and Captain Oats of the Equininians.

Upon seeing their beloved owner 'Mel' - a koala-woman with long brown hair and brown eyes, they leapt into her arms and hugged her, and also seeing their friend Nathan who too had just been through the exhibition and had an adventure of his own, they were glad to have met him, and thus with that, they left and headed toward the elevator, pressed the button back to the firstl level and the elevator went down, once they went down, they jumped out of the elevator when it landed, the two of them jumped out and headed toward the exit, after exiting the building, the two of them waited for their floating taxi to arrive, along with Mel and Nathan. A couple of minutes later, the magic taxi arrived and the group headed back home to their home which was located in Nile Road. 'So what did you two do today?' Mel asked.

"Mommy mommy, we went on an adventure." the excitable anthro equine replied, giving Mel a big hug and whinnying happily. 'I got to be a real princess and we got transformed into amazing new forms, we got to be actors and it was amazing, all of it was.' 'Yes, yes...it most certainly was, I got to play a scientist, a king, and an alien hostage.' Corey quipped. 'And did you two make any new friends?' 'We sure did.'

"I'm glad that my friends were able to help make your dream come true."

'Well mommy, you told me that you were taking us to a magical place and you weren't lying.' Oats added, nodding as he kissed her. 'Magic is everywhere, including in your heart. I hope that this journey inspired you to get creative.' 'It certainly has.' And thus the two buddies and their companion returned to Nile Road, and a surprise was waiting for them, when the door was opened, they could hear music...the music being played was by their favorite magical music instructor. "Any requests?'

"Yes. Could you play My Funny Friend and Me?'

'It's a Sting song.'

The instructor smiled as he played the song for Corey and Oats...'Oats would you like to perform a duet with me on this?' 'I sure would.' And thus with that the duo began to sing together, singing along to the song and interacting as if they were telling a story, they sang along with other songs too and got to have a delicious dinner later and some black forest cake. That night afterwards, after they gotten changed into their nightclothes and snuggled up with Mel who was in her night-gown and after they had brushed their teeth, at around after 10 at night, specifically when it was close to eleven, they drifted off to sleep, listening to classical music on their favorite station. The two dreamed of their magical adventures and their new friends, and both of them had wonderful adventures in their dreams. The morning after, the duo got up with Mel and contacted their favorite loved one, explaining all that happened.

And thus our little adventure here comes to a close, but it's not the end of the adventures of Corey and Oats, as there was bound to be more adventures along the way for everyone's favorite Covid microbe and his equine friend.

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