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Directions to Hell for Dew Drop Inn
Gateways to Hell Hell
Gateways to Hell Directions
Gateways to Hell Dew Drop Inn

There are gateways
To other worlds
Including the secret gateways
To Hell.

Hidden in plain sight
All over the world
If you know where to look.

To find them
You need a guidebook
To the other world.

The Necromicron
is one such guidebook
Written a thousand years ago,
It was recently updated.
On 06/06/06.

It lists most
But all of the secret passageways
To Hell and to other dimensions.

The gateways to Hell
Are always found in bad neighborhoods
The kinds of places the police
Fear to enter.

For once a month
For 48 hours
On the full moon nights
Demons are given a pass
To raise hell on earth,

Running amuck, wreaking havoc
And pour out into
These human “Hell hole”
Gateway cities.

Many are obvious

One such location
Is in Bangkok
Beneath the Cosmos Bar
In Soi Cowboy.

Another is in Karachi,
Another is LA’s Compton hood,
Another in Londistan.

Another in Lagos
Another in Mumbai
Another in Kingstown, Jamaica.

The easiest to find though
Is beneath Hell’s Kitchen
In the Chelsea Subway stop,
In the lower east side of NYC.

Underneath entryway six
If you walk 66 paces
And chat the right words
Six times.

The gateway opens
And you will be
In Hell’s subway system.

They are six lines
Which follows the ancient
River paths along the banks
Of Acheron, Cocytus, Lethe,
Phlegethon, and Styx.

And a cross Hell line
All lines pass through
Hell Grand Central Station.

Where Satan has his offices
At 666 Hell Station,
On the banks of the river Styx
Next to Charon’s Ferry terminal.

666 Hell Station has a secret elevator
To 666 Park Avenue, NYC
Where Satan has his earthly offices.

But be forewarned
Few humans have ever
Gone to Hell.
And returned alive
To the sunlit world.

April 29—Directions—Tell Us How To Get Somewhere (A Real “Destination” That Might Or Might Not Be A Real Place, Or Might Be An Emotional Place, Etc.)
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