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A poem about a virtuous women/mother's. (Still tweaking)
Virtuous woman rise
Mother rise
Put on the strength
Strength that births nations
Arms, back, and legs
That carry the weight of everyone else's problems
Yes Man provides
But her hands turn
green paper, silver and gold, and copper
Into clothes and food
Into a house with welcoming warmth
Her hands, her strength
Make a house worth coming home to
Virtuous woman rise
Mother rise
With kindness and compassion
With lessons that stick to our hearts and minds
Like sticky notes for that day that always comes when we need the reminder
The reminder of goodness
Her wisdom seeping in us like
Centurions guarding the gates of something precious and valuable,
Something worth saving
Worth cultivating and training
Worth growing.
Virtuous woman rise
Mother rise
Honesty and beauty grow in they heart
Shining through flesh so bright
It's hold on her weakens
So she lends her mind to God, to his spirit
He is in her, and she welcomes him.
Welcomes his presence and makes room for him to dwell in the inner most parts of her
Bare to him by choice, a willing vessel
A virtuous woman, a mother
And she is worth far more than rubies.

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