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Marvel grows something truly worthwhile.
Stranger Fruit

Marvel Diamond set up her stall in the market square. She laid out her merchandise. People hurried by her location as it was tucked in among more popular locations. When she was able to face forward with a smile on her face, a man was standing in front of her, looking over her wares.

“I want something unique for a gift, what do you suggest?” he said smiling.

“Is this for a lady, sir?”

When he nodded, she collected a selection. Then she showed him each one and talked about them individually. After he had chosen several, he put his hand in his waistcoat pocket and pulled out a silver leaf.

Marvel looked doubtfully at it.

“Is this legal tender?”

“It’s not tender at all. It is the start of an argent tree.”

“Never heard of it. If you don’t have coin of the realm, we can’t do business.”

“But this is better than money!”

Knowing that swindlers were everywhere, Marvel began shaking her head.

“I’ll tell you what, take what I gave you and plant it. If you don’t end up with something of worth, keep your goods and you won’t see me again. Otherwise, I will return in one month for the things I bought.”

Figuring she couldn’t lose, Marvel agreed.

She went out at the dark of the moon, and planted the leaf. Three days later, a tiny sapling had sprouted. By three weeks. it was a slender tree loaded with tinkling bright silver coins. Marvel was astounded.

When she went to the market after the month had passed, it was not to set up a stall. She carried the carefully wrapped items the man had chosen. When he came up to her, she silently handed them to him.

He took them bowed, then vanished.
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