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Graphic sex scene I wrote for the book I'm trying to write.
Tommy and Cherie entered through the back doors of the arena, cut through the ladies locker room, which had a long rack with the different band outfits hanging from it, and into the corridor leading to the foyer of the arena. About halfway down that stretch, Cherie saw a men's restroom. She stopped dead in her tracks, looked at Tommy and smiled. He smiled back.
“What?” he asked.
She answered with a question of her own. “How much time do you have before you need to be in wardrobe?”
“About twenty minutes,” he responded looking at his watch.
“Good,” she said. Cherie grabbed the lapel of his jacket and yanked him into the restroom.
“I want you, Tommy,” she seductively growled. Her voice echoed slightly off the walls.
They heard Mac's voice. “Oh, sweet Jesus.”
Tommy and Cherie looked and saw Mac with John. As Cherie felt her face warm up a bit, Tommy nonchalantly greeted the two men.
“Man,” Mac asked, “chu just can't get enough, can you?” Before Tommy could answer, Cherie locked her lips over his, reached down between them, and grabbed his cock.
As Mac and John exited the restroom, John said, “I should've learned to play an instrument.”
“I want you, baby,” Cherie said. “I want you bad.”
“Oh, God, Tommy please?” she pleaded.
“Well, seeing as to what you've a hold of, I guess I'm not going anywhere,” he coolly retorted.
Cherie playfully nipped his bottom lip and then licked it. She continued stroking his cock through his jeans as he massaged her ass firmly. Their tongues sought the other's out, collided, and entwined. She lost her balance and stumbled back into one of the stalls, dragging Tommy with her. He managed to keep her from falling to the floor but not before they got into the stall proper.
Cherie looked him in the eye, reached out with her arm, and closed the door to the stall. She then the length of the shaft. When she got back to the head, she wrapped one of her hands around it and gently fondled his balls as she took it into her mouth. As she started sucking on it, Tommy ran a hand through her hair and moaned.
She looked up and him as his cock throbbed to life in her mouth and saw his head tilted back against the stall door. He wrapped her hair up in his hand as she sucked harder. :That feels so fucking good, baby.” Still looking up at him, De pulled his cock from her mouth and started stroking it. pushed Tommy back against it. Stooping down and undoing his pants, she looked up at him and growled, “I wanna suck your fucking cock.”
As soon as she freed it, she danced her tongue across the bulbous head and ran it down and back
“You like that, baby?” she asked. All Tommy could do was nod his head as she lifted his fully erect cock and began sucking on his balls as she continued stroking.
“God damn, baby,” was all Tommy could pant. He reached down with his free hand and pawed at one of her tits as she slid her other hand between her legs and rubbed her hardening clit firmly. She returned to the head of his cock and took it back into her mouth as he wrapped her hair up tighter and tighter in his hand. She kept rubbing her pussy until her panties were soaked, her own moans being stifled by Tommy's cock. When she couldn't take it anymore, she pulled his cock from her mouth. :My pussy is throbbing,” she said.
Tommy pulled her up by her hair and placed a hand between her legs feeling the wetness. “Fuck, baby,” he said.
Cherie put her head on Tommy's shoulder and whispered, “I want you.”
She slid her panties to the side as Tommy lifted her up and placed her on his cock. She wrapped her legs around him, digging her nails into his jacket, and moaning as the thick mushroom head pushed through the drenched folds of her pussy. She slid down the length of his erection with ease. “Oh, God, yes,” she hissed as she felt herself contract around his thick rigid member.
Tommy left out a pleasurable moan as he felt her walls close around him like a warm velvety glove. The feel of it sent him to the edge but he successfully fought from going over it. Cherie tilted her head back and moaned as he started bouncing her tight pussy on his erection.
“Your pussy feels so good,” he moaned.
“Oh, baby, fuck me,” she panted into his ear.
They heard drums starting to play. Tommy fucked her with abandon to their rhythm. She moan­ed louder with each thrust. “Yes, Tommy, fuck me. Oh, my God, baby.” Tommy drilled up into her harder and harder as she sank her teeth into his shoulder and moaned. She panted harder with each thrust, her head reeling, as she felt the pressure of the oncoming orgasm building up within her.
Looking into Tommy's eyes, she said, “Fuck me harder, Tommy.”
Tommy obliged. He started pumping that hard that the stall started to squeak, Cherie put her hands up above them and held onto the stall door. Tommy drilled harder into her fuck hole. As her pussy contracted around his cock, she felt his cock start to spasm.
“God, baby,” he panted, “I'm gonna cum.”
“Cum in me, Tommy,” she replied between breaths. He pumped a bit harder.
“Oh, fuck,” Cherie yelled out as her body shuddered with the orgasm.
As she did so, Tommy gave one final thrust and tensed up. She felt his cock twitch violently and explode. As Tommy groaned and she felt his hot, thick, stringy seed flood her womb, she heard the restroom door get thrown open and slam shut. She let out a whimper.
“Well, let me guess. This isn't a foot rub, is it?” It was Harry. Tommy could hear the frustration in his voice. “Is no place sacred to you guys?”

“You said you didn't want to see her cuffed with me spanking her, Harry,” Tommy panted.
Harry groaned and walked back out. Tommy smiled and kissed Cherie deeply as he gently lifted her off of his cock. Her legs felt weak as they took on her weight again.
“That was good,” Tommy said trying to catch his breath. Then, while shaking his arms, he chuckled and continued, “But I can't feel my arms anymore.”
“Damn, baby,” Cherie replied, straightening her skirt. “How long have you been holding that back?”
“Only for a while,” Tommy commented, through pants, pulling up his spandex and jeans.
“You should have said something,” she chastised as she brushed the wrinkles out of her dress and trying to fix herself.
“I was having too much fun,” Tommy said, playing it off.
“We need to do that again sometime,” she cooed. Tommy agreed as a bass groove started to play.
“They're doing sound checks,” Tommy stated.
As they stumbled out of the stall, Tommy fumbled with buttoning up his pants. He cursed under his breath when they got to the sinks.
“You need some help with that?” Cherie asked with a smile.
“Please?” he replied with an embarrassed chuckle. He turned around and propped his butt against the bank of sinks, continuing, “Because I can't feel my hands.”
Cherie buttoned and zipped up his spandex and jeans. The task done, they headed for the door to the corridor. As she opened it, a loud cheer rose up.
They emerged from the restroom and came face to face with a crowd of people. Standing directly in front of them were Nicky, JD, Bobby, Ricky, Rob, and Wasted. Among the rest of the faces, Cherie saw Lisa and Amy, who happened to be with an older gentleman and lady.
She shyly smiled and blushed as Tommy waved to them all. He wrapped his arm around her waist, turned her towards the door to the ladies locker room, and led her off.
“Can I hide in a dressing room now?” she asked with an embarrassed chuckle of her own. Tommy laughed , pulled her tight to his side, kissed her head, and said, “Welcome to the madness.”
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