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last monopoly game for qeekly challenge
When I was a young lad
I liked to play board games
With my friends
And family.

My favorite was always
Played a couple of times
As an adult.

Once played an epic six-hour game
With an old first-grade classmate
Who later became a wannabe Trumpist

But unlike Trump
Ended up in jail for fraud
Which he was surely guilty of,
As he did not come from money.

We always played the modified game
Where free parking was like the lotto
You won all the fines etc
That was never an official rule
But probably everyone
Played it that way.

That was our last game
We ever played.

I had told him
I would never ever loan him money
After he scammed me
And my best friend’s father.

After that epic monopoly game
We drifted apart
Due to a mutual decision
To end our decades-long friendship.

Write a poem about a board game.

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