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by green
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Someone we all know
                                                                                          A Very Expensive Piece

          You'll find her in an expensive art gallery, a theater opening, an elegant afternoon cocktail party, anywhere the rich and famous gather.  Her taste in clothing is elegant and impeccable.  She has gone without eating in order to buy and fit into those 'special little somethings'.  She loves being sparkly and shining and after years of practice, she's very good at this.  Her art of conversation is to feed your own words back to you.  Most people love to listen to themselves, so this method works very well.

          But ask her about the homeless, the abused, even the top news story and she hasn't a clue.  These things don't exist in her world. She doesn't possess empathy at any level. Giving you the lead in the conversation, she takes her cues from your words. She does this in such a way that you continue to enjoy her company.  Her persona gets old only if you see her too often.

          Her physical appearance is her backdrop.  Her hair is pale blonde and dances in the light, tumbling around her face oh so perfectly.  A delicious chin leads you to her model-high cheekbones.  Her eyes, well?  They deserve a whole paragraph unto themselves.  Slightly upturned at the outside corners, the irises are deep blue, her eyelashes exceed normal length.  These eyes make it easy to disregard her conversation.  Her makeup looks professional, she's perfected the art of application.

          The rest of her body lives up to the standard of her face, long elegant limbs reminiscent of a well-fed feline.  She uses her hands to lightly caress herself to keep your attention on her.  She has just enough breast and hip to give her Dior gown its shape and her long legs are shapely, always clothed in silk stockings and ending in very expensive sexy shoes.  She pays very close attention to her appearance as it is her greatest asset.  People are delighted to give her what she needs, money, cars, condos, hoping to possess her.

          She's fun to be around and knows exactly what to say and how to act in any situation.  If you need emotional support, she can sense this and be right there to provide you with fake loving care.  You, rarely, hear the falseness of her words.  She's quick to laugh and always makes any party fun. On the surface she's an interesting person to be around until you realize she's acting a part.  She really has no idea of anyone else's pain; she can't identify with anyone. As soon as the conversation is over, she has forgotten it and you unless you have something she wants.

          She will hurt you if you're not on guard. But eventually, you see her inner self and realize she's to be pitied.  She will never receive or give love. She uses a great deal of energy to keep up the facade.  She will manipulate throughout her whole life and end up with nothing.

Word Count 490
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