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The most difficult challenge we have in life is getting out of our own way. Take a minute to think of those circumstances in which all you had to do was let the Universe handle it. Think about the time and effort you used trying to figure it all out now think of the results. Was it your thoughts, your actions, or your lack of belief that may have left you vulnerable? Sometimes our needs or our need to be needed can put us in situations that take us off track. We get in our own way. Like the diabetic who smokes and drinks. Or the cancer patient that continues to smoke cigarettes or the hopeless romantic who continually chooses the same type of man/woman that always causes them pain. Or the workaholic with a heart condition who refuses to slow down. Or the junk food addict who works at Burger King and has every restaurant in town on speed dial. We get in the way of our healing without even realizing it. I have gotten in my way and now that I look back on it all I had to do was step aside and let the Universe and my ancestors handle the situation. Now, that does not mean we never get involved in our life. Or we should not take notice of things that we need to change. It means for us to stop getting in the way of our own healing. To heal from any situation, we must first acknowledge that it does exist and then we become accountable for the part we play in healing, letting go, or revising. As you move closer to the realization of how to manifest this healing in your own life you will find it easier to let go, start over, and reevaluate that with serves your higher good. That is what getting out of your own way is all about. Getting to a point where you will only start to manifest those things in your life which will sever YOUR higher good. Get out of your way. Let yourself be healed. Be grateful for second chances, and always thank the process. Truly accept the fact that you deserve to live a life that serves your higher good. Chrystal.

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