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by green
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A fun look at a dancing hippo
                  Dancing Nancy

Nancy the hippo lives by a green river.
Supposed to eat weeds but the plants make her shiver.
What she really truly wants is a giant bouquet,
for dancing a wondrous delightful ballet.

While kicking her feet on the edge of the mud,
she spots lots of stuff washed in by a flood.
She sees an old trunk and pries open the lid.
Sparkly costumes and sequins lay scattered within.

She's wearing a tutu and tiny gold slippers
although putting them on does give her the tippers.
She dips and she ducks with unusual grace.
Her friends are amazed at her big smiling face.

They don't understand her, she's too big to dance.
They back away slowly, she continues to prance.
They shout to their friend, a monkey psychologist.
He has a degree from the school of know-ologist.

He looks at Nancy, from her head to her toes.
"I find nothing wrong here, look she's aglow".
A snaggle-toothed crocodile approaches the herd.
He spots Dancing Nancy and shouts, "That's absurd!"

The big hippos laugh and shout with loud glee.
The crocs are so scared, they can't wait to flee.
Now all the huge hippos love Nancy with pride,
Snaggle-toothed crocs moved down river and cried.

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