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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2273539
A love story between Obito and Rin.
Story: Obito is able to escape Madara but has no idea whatsoever on where he is. He finds an area to live in and moves occasionally in attempt to return to the village. While training, Team Minato by chance, find his area and they reunite happily.

Obito: *In waterfall meditating*

Obito: Alright! Time to train! *Punches rocks over and over*

Obito: Even though I have only one sharingan, it should be enough.

Kakashi: *Far away* Hey sensei, I hear loud pounding noises.

Rin: Me too…?

Minato: Let’s check it out. Be careful.

Obito: *Uppercuts rock*

Obito: Haha!!

*Piece of rock hits his head*

Obito: OOOW!!!!!!

*Team Minato reach the area*

Obito: (Someone’s here) Who’s there?!

Rin: (That voice…. No it can’t be. He died… I must be imagining things…)

Minato: Now!

*They jump into his view*

Obito: What do you want!!……..

Obito: W-W-What?!!!!

Minato and kakashi: Obito?!

Obito: W-what?!!…..

Obito: *Cries* It’s been a while!!

Kakashi: You we’re alive?!

Obito: Yeah… it’s a long story…

Minato: Its great that you’re back! Rin! Come here! Obito’s back!!

Rin: *Standing speechless*

Obito: R-Rin….

Rin: *Tears start to fall*

Obito: Rin, I’m sor-

Rin: *Hugs him*

Rin: Don't ever leave me alone like that again!!!!

Obito: *Crying* I won’t!

Rin: Promise me!!

Obito: I promise!

Rin: *Hugs him and cries even harder*

Obito: *Hugs back*


Obito: *Blushing* Ummm…. Rin? Don’t you think you’ve been clinging to me for a while now???…..

Rin: *Blushes* Ah! S-sorry… It’s just that…. I’ve missed you sooooo much….

Obito: No it’s fine..

Obito: And uhmmmm….. you’ve gotten a lot prettier… *Blushes and looks the other way* (I actually said it!)

Obito: (She isn’t saying anything! Damn it I made a mistake saying that!) *Turns*

Rin: *Blushing really hard* M-m-m-m-me?!! B-b-beautiful?!!!

Obito: *Blushes*

Obito: Y-yeah…..

*Awkward silence*

Obito: W-well… I’m gonna take a quick rinse in the waterfall. I’m a bit sweaty…

Rin: O-ok… I’ll follow you…

Obito: O-oh alright….

*Obito then takes a rinse and steps out*

Obito: Phew! That was nice!

Rin: *Staring at him*

Obito: What’s wrong?

Rin: (T-that b-body…. No no no!! What am I thinking!!!)

Rin: Y-You’re r-really….

Obito: Yeah?

Rin: h-handsome…..

Obito: *Blushes* R-really?!….

Rin: Y-yeah…

Rin: *I feel really weird right now*

Rin: O-Obito… when I’m around you… I feel…. really weird. I feel hot, my face feels numb, my heart won’t stop beating….

Rin: I feel like…. I want you to be mine….

Obito: *Blushing really hard* W-what are y-you saying??!!!

Rin: I-I……..

Obito: You?…

Rin: *Breathing heavily*

Obito: Are you okay?!!

Rin: *Jumps onto him* I think I love you!!!

Obito: *Blushes hard* Y-you love me?!!!

Rin: (What am I doing???!!!)

Obito: B-but what about kakashi?!

Rin: Kakashi?

Obito: Don’t you love him, not me?!

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