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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2273626
Come Out and Play with Maxwell Mathers
Maxwell Mathers, like a spreading disease, gets annoying after a while. He managed to get on good guy Ryan Michaels' nerves in under 12 seconds, a new record. The popping colors, the smirk everyone wants to tear off and throw into the Atlantic Ocean, the creaky voice that makes MGK songs sound good, and the slightly perverted attitude towards women. Yep, he has experience. But this punk is like the other bullies, jocks, and asswipes Ryan has beaten before, right? Sure, he dresses differently and the glove definitely has something with it that Michaels hasn't seen before, but he was like the others, wasn't he? Just hit them in the face enough, maybe a low blow or two, that'll be enough, won't it?

Just as Mathers is about to grab a teenage girl for good ol' virginity theft, Ryan jumps in and hits him with a fierce and fast right. DONK! The staff connects at the same time. The two go at it for a few minutes with their preferred weapons, rambling on about how rape is bad, as one does when fighting someone who doesn't have good style, even for the genre of fashion it's based on. Add some throwing into fruit stands, break those windows, scare the bystanders, lose that tooth, get that bruise, earn some road burn, and so on, so forth. Long and forth enough for those animals from the cottage to get everyone not scraping their everything on the streets out of the area. They still let Ryan Michaels keep fighting the Purple Pretty Pickler, despite the elephant not wanting it to continue due to things like tactics and whatnot.

It was about an hour after Ryan and Maxwell first collided in the streets of this village. The night market closed early and everything turned quiet apart from the hefty hefty breathing of the combatants. They both just called it a fine day in this strange new world where Christian Extremists don't exist. They congratulated each other on keeping up with the other despite the large power gaps in the other's playstyle. The group who had accompanied Ryan during his stay here were astonished. Usually Maxwell would destroy other humans that clashed sword, hammer, shield and all with Mathers' Mysterious Glove and Staff. Astonished, the merry few were.
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