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When Will This Madness End? for Weekly Challenge
When will this madness end?

The world is horrified
At the latest carnage
In Texas.

Could happen anywhere
Any place
Any time.

As the people
With no humanity left
Inside their souls,

Take their demons with them
Listening to voices
Killing everyone one.

The shooter looks out
In photos with soulless eyes
Pure evil in their heart
Demons in human form.

Yet that is too simple
An answer
It is not the devil
Make them do it.

It is that there is a sickness
In our land
And our world.

That so many people
Grow up
Without a shred of humanity
Left inside.

No matter what we do
There will be another shooting
Since anyone who is an adult
Without a criminal record.

Can buy weapons of war
And carry out this carnage
And our feckless politicians
Do nothing nothing at all.

Other than passing
ever less restrictive laws
Declaring more guns are the answer.

There will be another mass shooting
And another and another
As the madness continues unabated.

That is life in America
The land of the free
The home of the brave
And 400 hundred guns.

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