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When Big Daddy Met Maria Lee for Daily Flash

When Big Daddy first met Maria Lee, it was lust at first sight. When they first met, sparks flew from heart-to-heart as Koreans say. ( 이심촌심
Isimchonsim) Big Daddy was the owner of the Cosmos Bar in Bangkok.

Big Daddy had played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys after an outstanding record at the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. He had moved to Bangkok after serving ten years with the CIA. He was an ex-CIA spook who had to resign from the agency for carrying out unsanctioned hits on Americans and foreign nationals in the U.S. But the agency retained his services from time to time as a contract assassin.

Maria Lee was the ex-wife of one of the Chaebol companies in Korea and had embezzled 50 million dollars from her ex-husband and needed help in laundering the money. Big Daddy, besides running the bar, had a flourishing side business in money laundering, drug, gun, and people smuggling.

One day she went to the bar and was introduced to Big Daddy. She said to him,

“I’ve heard about you. You are infamous in Korea. I am Maria Lee and I need your help in cleaning up some money.”

“How much are we talking about?”

“50 million dollars, I stole from my ex-husband. He can’t report me, because I stole his secret slush money”

“It will cost you. My standard fee is 1 percent but I will waive the fee if you agree to spend the night with me as my lover.”

She smiled and said,

“Only after you clean the money. Business before pleasure.’

Okay, give me a week.

She came back a week later, and they concluded the deal and spent the night together. The next morning, they realized they were now a couple.

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