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by John
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2273962
There are surprises for the Supreme High One: an old friend, new pupils, and treachery

Chapter Five - Treachery


The Young One continued, Besides, I don't see the need to know these things. I can find the information from the Collective when the time comes.

Even though you are too young to contact the Collective, I will show you why you should learn from a tutor, With that, the Old One opened the Young One's mind.

You are now with me as we contact the Collective with your questions. Ask.

The Young One began. Who is the Afflicted One?

The Afflicted One are those you ignore.

No, the Afflicted One are those who crave too much power and catch a disease because of it.

Both are wrong. They are the citizens who go Out of Phase.

What? Out of Phase? Very wrong. They are those who have become One with the Planet because they were too old.


Old One, which of these are correct?

None answered correctly.

Do you mean all of them were wrong? Who are the Afflicted Ones?

There exists a condition that may cause us to go into madness. It affects our use of mental abilities. Our thoughts can be uncontrollable and disconnected. After this happens, the others in the Collective stop feeding the Afflicted One's energy and ignore the Afflicted One. This causes a conscious depression to the point of self-termination. The lifeless body would be taken to liquid eterinite to become One with the Planet.

Asking the Collective for an answer is to get their personal beliefs. As you heard, there are many beliefs. To those, their answer is correct. You would eventually get a correct answer. Who would you believe if you didn't know the truth?

What is your next question?

Why can't I touch the Collective anymore? The Young One asked.

It is because I am no longer connected with you. What is your question about our subjects?

Well, since you asked," the Young One responded, "I also don't understand what the hierarchy is about. It is confusing to me.

Our hierarchy is based on the different colors of our prism bodies, he began. The rarest color is called, Highest Peak of the Mountain, gray. For example, if one of us was the color Ground Shake, violet, as compared to the color of the Sound of Running Liquid Eterinite, the former would be below the latter. The Young One changes color often prior to the final color right before the appendage falls off creating a new Young One. The color of the Highest Peak of the Mountain becomes the Supreme High One, the ruler of our lives.

Where do you rank, if I may inquire?

My color is not rare. Many have the color of the Hole of a MeeBee. I am slotted as an Old One as I have been around for a long time. explained the Old One,

What is your next concern? asked the Old One.

Well, I don't understand what an old pupil told me about time going backward? She explained, that I didn't understand.

That, my pupil, is an excellent question. Do not be ashamed in asking questions.

There is a theory that states Time could jump forward, backward, or completely stop. All life would not feel these changes because a new reality would be written. It would be as if our original history never happened. When reality moves forward, all memories leading to that moment are gone: present reality is all that exists. Because of this, time and reality changes were never noticed.

Throughout our history, the planet and its inhabitants would experience the pull from the place called the color One with the Planet. Because of the pull of both our suns and the distance of the place of the color One with the Planet, time anomalies frequently occur. We do not know how, though.

Let me get this straight. Everyone on our planet experiences time anomalies, or shifts in time, right?


So, if that happened now, I could be erased or forward a cycle. Would it also make me not know what happened? asked Bzebulite.

Correct again. You are learning well. If time-shifted forward, backward, or just changing reality itself, it could have large-scale consequences. Whole villages or cities would be erased. They would simply cease to have existed and no one would know.

Enough of theories, let's move on. Our collective power allows us to create dwellings and the Out of Phase retreats using rare power crystals from the crystal mines. The most potent of all crystals were Smell of Silence, Sound of the Suns, and Vision of Forever.

With the combined energies of the Collective and crystals, we can even open one-way dimensional windows to other planets and realms. We can observe the individual planets to gain knowledge that is useful to become a stronger society.

Do you have any other concerns? the Old One questioned.

Yes, what happened to old Supreme High One. It is said he disappeared. If he was hit with the anomalie, how would we know he disappeared? You said everyone would have forgotten.

It would be impossible for us to remember the Supreme High One's disappearance if the anomalies occurred.

Then what happened to him? The Young One asked.

That is a mystery unsolved. Long ago, the Elders proclaimed the Supreme High One became One with the Planet.

No one has asked the Elders what happened to him if he did not become One with the Planet? Why?"

More good questions. Always search for the truth. Because the proclamation came from the Elders, it is forbidden to question them because they use the Collective's power to discern the truth.


Because the Supreme High One hand-picked his successors after careful scrutinization and a complete examination of their thoughts.

It is my turn to ask you a question, the Old One whispered. Even knowing that, is it acceptable to question what happened?

Yes, because as you said, you need to find the truth behind the question.

Excellent, you have passed today's session with a perfect score.

The Old One quickly probed the Young One's mind. He was searching for deceit. Did she truly believe by searching for the truth, all questions can be answered? You just need to ask the right questions. The Old One went deeper into her subconscious to see if there were any outside influences. In the process, he saw insecurities regarding her graduation into adulthood. She believed she was not ready, to be sent into the world and the Collective.

Before you leave, I want you to know you are one of the brightest pupils I have taught. You need to trust that you are ready. We can discuss this more before the end of your tutelage. I will not forget.



After two more cycles, the Supreme High One decided he needed a break. While he enjoyed what he was doing, his body was still feeling the effects of the explosion when the window blew up. He then came up with an idea: go into the collective, gather power, and then dig into this memory so he could see what happened that night.

He contacted Dewiss regarding the break.

I understand clearly. You would like a break to refresh your reserves, explore your memories of all your pupils, and allow your physical form time to recoup because of aging. Yes, of course, you can. We have added five more tutors. We can divide your pupils between them. I wish you well. My the Blessing be upon you.

As with you too, Dewiss.

The Supreme High One traveled back to the cave he used many cycles ago. When he got there, he was pleased to see the liquid eterinite dropping was back and flowing again. After passing the dropping, he noticed the entrance was covered in ropes of vegetation. He slipped by them and entered the cave.

When he got in, there were more bones and a lot more dust. He decided to clean up before entering the Collective. He focused his telekinesis power on the bones and rocks. He then imagine they would be scattered outside in the field, The rocks and bone rose to the height of the Supreme High One's head. He moved the rocks and bones to stop right before the cave entrance. He went to the mouth of the cave and went outside. After not seeing anyone, he summoned the rocks and bones. He quickly discarded the stones and bones and went back into the cave.

He pondered how to get rid of the dust. He could make the dust rise in the air and out the cave entrance like the rocks and bones. He then remembers the liquid eterinite dropping just outside the entrance. He then thought of a solution. The dust can be altered into rocks.

He began to carefully attach himself to the Collective. With this accomplished, he moved all the dust into a central pile. He waited for the dust to settle down. After the dust floated down, the Supreme High One gathered his essence and commanded the dust to be crushed and formed into a rock. While the dust formed into a rock, the Supreme High One had to be very patient,

Once the rocks were disposed of, the cave was back to the way he originally found it. By using the power, he siphoned essence from the Collective. He would create a chair and a bed. This would be accomplished by focusing his will inward to his core, where the power originates. He created an image of a chair he wanted. Keeping that image, he brings together the power and points where they needed to be. His focus was perfect. The area where he was looking began to get hazy with multiple colors. Slowly, the shape of a chair could be seen. He was looking at the image of the chair when it was suddenly engulfed in the Color of One with the Planet. When the shell stopped moving, he heard a loud cracking noise. The shell began to open slightly. The Supreme High One, using his telekinesis power, forced the shell to open all the way. He went over to the chair and pulled it from the shell. The chair easily came off the ground. He moved the chair to where it should be, He turned and began to create the mattress. The procedure was the same as when he created the chair.

After he was done with the chair and mattress, he turned his attention to creating a fire. He debated if he should create a fire. He decided he would build one eventually to remove the dampness from the air. He then went to the liquid eterinite pond and immersed himself in it.

The Supreme High One was in the cave and sitting in his chair. He created fire and was staring into it deeply. He was getting ready to plunge into the Collective. He first needed to make a path that was a little wider than his initial one. He disguised it as a newly formed adult was entering. It was not hard to create a false one from the probes he completed on all his students. He backed it up with memories of being tutored and their questions.

The link was complete. He would instantly notice any attempt to probe this contact. When he began to enter, he decided he needed to find an Elder to determine if they were there that night one thousand and two cycles ago. He found the Collective for the Elders and began to carefully probe. He then drew upon his reserves to bolster up his barriers. When comfortable, he began probing.

He began with Elder Boitereeze, an Elder who was at the time when everything changed. I wish they would get on with the ceremony. I am hungry and wish to eat. But oh no, the Supreme High One wants to be cautious going about opening his precious window. He had probably already eaten and filled his stomach. How selfish. I would have eaten if I were not with Keysion. That was a delightful meeting. I wonder where she is today. I will have to search for her.

The Supreme High One began to forward through the memories of that night. Unfortunately, the Elder was discussing his accomplishments, which were none, with the woman name Keysion. They were talking in-depth about how great the Elder was. He did not even see the explosion or the disappearance of the others. His mind went blank after that. The Elder awoke with no memories of why he was there. Troubling, he did not remember Keysion. He searches the memories of the Elder and found no trace of her. She must have been forgotten like the others. Even during direct contact, she was wiped out of his memory. The Supreme High One wonders did anyone else in here area disappear?

For information, the Supreme High One moves on to the next Elder, Hynd. This was an Elder getting ready to become One with the Planet. He had lived over 1,250 cycles. The Supreme High One remembered Hynd and his sage advice to him. He was one of his top advisors It was him who recommended Eternity should be spared after losing her powers. He gently probes his mind.

..I have been here far too long for my own good. But I do not want to become One with the Planet. I have too much to do. The Supreme High One would have wanted me to stay. Oh, how I still miss him. He was a conscientious leader who focused on all his people.

Wait! Does he remember me? His memories weren't wiped out. That means he is like me who remembers everything: the explosion, the backlash, the disappearance of our citizens, and my disappearance.

Do I reach out to him? Can I trust him? He was one of my most trusted advisors. He has been thinking of me this whole time. How do I contact him without him sharing his thoughts? Maybe if I reach his subconscious mind, I can leave a message about myself. He will think it is an old memory, and if anyone probes him, that is what it will look like to them.

The Supreme High One reached back into the Hynd's mind. When he reaches the subconscious, he begins his message.

Hynd, this is your Supreme High One. I remember the night of the explosion and the disappearance of our people, the confusion and fear. I also remember I disappeared. I didn't have time to say farewell. I couldn't be there any longer. I saw a horrific event, the loss of half our people.

You are not alone anymore. I am the lost Supreme High One. I am here with you. Once you are feeling better, I will come to see you. Until then do not share this memory. Lock it away. I will contact you again.

The Supreme High One felt a huge burden lifted from his shoulders. He is not alone. There may even be others who remember.

He was elated with the prospect of others remembering. How would he contact them? He has access to the Collective to boost his telepathy skills. Even with their help, he would still not have enough power to send out a message to all while concealing his identity. Should he send a message to the Collective about the Supreme High One having been found alive? Would they think I was a Young One who had the color of the Highest Peak of the Mountain or someone who entered Madness? Either way, there will be some who believe and others who do not.

He suddenly felt great distress. It was coming from Hynd.

He quickly went back to Hynd's mind. He immediately saw what was happening. He has seen it too many times already. Hynd was becoming One with the Planet. His mind was shutting down layer by layer. There was suddenly a serene feeling. He had little time to remove his consciousness or he, too, would become One with the Planet.

He removed his consciousness from Hynd's mind. He imagined he was now One with the Planet. The Supreme High One imagined Hynd went knowing the truth. He went peacefully.



Yes, Young One, what is your question? The Old One asked.

I understand almost all of your lessons and stories, but I think I need more information on the importance of keeping your mind guarded with barriers.

The Old One had a story regarding Eternity, but that didn't fit his question. He decided to share a story from his own experiences as the Supreme High One.

Let me answer with a story, he began. Long, long ago when the Supreme High One was still here, he was the final judge on all disputes. He had heard many cases and judged them all fairly. In a few cases where the prisoner was mischievous or disruptive, the Supreme High One would carry out the punishment himself. He took this responsibility to gain all information because the sentence was grave.

The Supreme High One addressed an audience of Elders, the general population, and the families affected by the disruption.

The prisoner had entered the thoughts of others and took their private or personal information. He then would place this information into the Collective and wait to see how the victims would react to it. Seeing their private information being broadcasted the victim would attempt to remove the information. If that failed, they would attempt to enter the Collective and by being boosted with power, they would be more exposed because they would either focus on information retrieval or protecting their privacy. This attempt would lead the victim to become desperate and attempt to do both. We all know that only Elders and myself, using the Collective to sustain us, can enter into others' thoughts without hindrance. We also know, that some information is impossible to retrieve. That is because it was improperly saved or sabotaged. The Supreme High One advised that he and the Elder were planning to work in tandem to discover the truth.

The Supreme High One knew the Elders would approve his actions. They had to act quickly before anyone ended up being One With Planet. The Supreme High One stated the punishment for such a crime was to have their mind go through Attunement, their minds searched, and all accounts of their deeds and actions

The first thing the Supreme High One did was to contact all Elders and advised them of a meeting the following day. Then he began using his secret connection with the Collective to begin siphoning all the essence he could by tomorrow. He wanted to ensure he isn't attacked or overpowered by the Elders teaming up and attacking his consciousness. He easily masked his presence. He then reconnected with all Elders and began listening to their thoughts regarding himself and the violence being committed by individuals.

The next day, the Supreme High One contacted the Elders. This time, he made sure they heard him coming.

Welcome and thank you for listening and coming to this meeting., the Supreme High One stated. This meeting will be about what measures we can take to stop the assaults from occurring. We have all become distracted, myself included, with our responsibilities to our people. We ignore the Collective and go toward our agendas. We have forgotten where are responsibilities truly belong. We neglected those who rely on us, depend on us, and, most importantly, are the ones who allow us the power to continue.

We are also gathered to reveal a great evil. It is the most heinous type of betrayal we have ever seen. This attack affects us all. Do not worry, though, I have studied this treachery and have discovered the root of the problem.

We are in the presence of an Eder who has turned against us.

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