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Rated: E · Fiction · Family · #2274095
A future master spy practices on her 16 year old older sister.
It was humiliating to be ridiculed by my 16 year old sister, Ellen, in front of her three girlfriends. She’d slammed her bedroom door when I tried to follow them into her bedroom. Their laughter from inside the room brought me tears. Then I noticed the narrow gap under her door and smiled.

Ellen hated it when I spied on her, but since I intended to be a secret agent someday, I needed to practice spy skills.

Dropping to my stomach, I put my ear to the gap. None of the occasional words made sense until I heard a name: Conner. A clue! - I could report to my handler that Ellen and friends thought Conner was a hunk.

What was that smell? I took a big sniff: cigarette smoke. Ellen would be in so much trouble when I told Mom.

The door jerked open. Scrambling to my feet, I looked into the eyes of my nemesis. They contained murder: my murder.

“I thought I heard a noise. What do you think you’re doing?”

I guess I’d sniffed too loudly. I’d have to work on that. “It’s none of your business.”


The villain had triggered the security alarms. Time to enact my escape plan. I ran outside and hid behind a bush under Ellen’s window.

Mom said, “Do I smell cigarettes? You girls need to leave right now. Ellen is grounded.”

I felt joy. In the words of Star Trek’s Khan, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Actually, I don’t know what that means. A better phrase. ‘Revenge is your sister being humiliated in front of her friends.’

Was Ellen sobbing? My heart broke. I don’t know how Ellen will react, but spies need to be brave. I left my hiding place to give my sister a hug.
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