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by John
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2274368
chapter 3 re-edited

Chapter Three - Revelation


As the Supreme High One walked, he began to think of what happened. He remembered everything, so why can't anyone else remember? What caused such a tragedy and where did it come from? Has it happened before? If it did, why can't he remember it? Too many questions with no answers.

As he walked, he heard an announcement from the Elders, The search for the Supreme High One is canceled. We find no trace of his remains. It is established that he was drawn into the window before its destruction. Keep this information within you. Do not announce until advised.

With this information, he decided to go into isolation to ponder the attack. As he made his way, he lightly touched the minds of the Out of Phase ones. He noticed confusion among them. He listened to their thoughts.

What has happened?

Where is the Supreme High One?

He vanished.

Is he One with the planet?

Where is the Supreme High One?

Their concern touched the Supreme High One. He wished he could calm their concerns, but that would require him to expose himself to the Collective.

A pool of liquid eterinite. Many Blessings, he thought. He could refresh his essence and replenish his reserves. As he sat in the pond, he thought of a solution to his diminishing reserves while not in a pool of liquid eterinite or at a retreat. He would attempt to lightly immerse his mind into all the minds of the Collective. He knew of an ancient method to do this. It would require him to open his Emptiness and allow the Collective in.

The Emptiness is within all Hydranousians, yet they do not know of it. It is believed to be the place where afflicted ones go when they become One with the Planet. The Supreme High One knew of it because he was with the afflicted one when they become One with the Planet. It is a Place of Quiet.

The Supreme High One thought he knew how to tap the Place of Quiet to mask his connection. Because there is nothing in the Place of Quiet. His thoughts would not be heard for the connection would be one way. He would be able to siphon small amounts of essence and strength from the Collective. If anyone were strong enough to feel and investigate the siphon, they would encounter the Place of Quiet and find nothing.

Slowly he openi he his essence to the Place of Quiet. It was vast, so vast he did not see an end. He could begin to see very small dots. They were of wondrous colors and brightness. The color around the dots was the color of One with the Planet. It was everywhere. He opened his essence a little more. Soon the colored dots became larger and more dots appeared. There was no end to the colored dots. Everywhere he looked there were dots, some larger and some smaller.

As he looked around, he saw an empty place the color of One with the Planet, but more dense. The more he looked, the more certain that was a place of no color. It also made him feel despondent. This requires further investigation, but not today. Today he needed to be focused on creating a connection with the Collective.

He reached out his essence to the void and opened a doorway between him and the Collective. It was small, so small travel was possible in only one direction - to him. Within the void, he was undetectable. Once he had the link firmly placed, he sat back in the pond. He soon would see if it worked.

A sudden overwhelming surge hit him. If he was not sitting down, he would have staggered. The raw power was incredible, more than he could have imagined. He gathered himself and began searching for anyone looking into the power pull. He found no one.

When he pulled his attention away from his essence and back to his body, he noticed someone sitting across from him. Did they suspect anything? Did they tap into his thoughts?

Well met, Old One, the stranger said.

Well met to you as well.

I had not seen you enter, I was deep in thought, he stated. I do not seem to recognize you, but your essence is familiar to me.

The stranger offered, We may have been together offering the Supreme High One our essence. That is until he became One with the Planet. he somberly stated.

I was not aware he was, began The Supreme High One, I was unaware the search ended. I did not hear of the cancellation of the search, he lied.

It was only given to the Elders. We will pass it along to all in a cycle.

That is a long while, will not the information leak out if someone probes for it? he asked.

We have put our defenses to prevent this. We will need to wait until a new Supreme High One is created. With the termination of the previous Supreme High One, a new one is surely coming, he stated. I must leave you now. It is time for my Out of Phase to begin. I apologize for disturbing your concentration. May the Blessing be with you.

And you as well, the Supreme High One offered.

After he was left in the pond alone, he secretly celebrated his plan. It had worked better than he hoped and was now receiving the full benefits of the Collective. In a short while, he left the pond and began his journey again.

He wandered for many cycles. Exploring his realm like he could not have done before. Instead of seeing it behind the eyes of another, his feet were bringing it to him directly.

On his journey, he met hundreds of survivors from the fateful day. He wondered who they had forgotten. His sadness turned into resolve as he began to try a piece together what had happened that day.

As he walked, he once again wished to explore the place of the color of One with the Planet. It would be best if he would find a retreat or other shelter, preferably one with liquid eterinite away from the suns. Until then, he could wander without losing essence due to his connection with the Collective.

After half a cycle, he found what he was looking for: a cave in the side of a mountain behind a liquid eterinite dropping. It was secluded, comfortable, and now, his.

Once inside, the Supreme High One began his search for the strange place, the color of One with the Planet. He remembered how he got there before and retraced his steps. Soon, he saw the place. He began to look closer by increasing the use of his built-up essence. By doing this, he managed to get closer to the place the color of One with the Planet. He first noticed there were no small colored lights around it. He focused more on the emptiness. The closer he became, the more uneasiness he felt.

Such an odd feeling, he thought. He soon recognized he had felt this way, many times. As he joined with someone entering One with the Planet, he felt uneasiness with them, then calm, and then nothing. He reinforced his barriers, then moved again. Here, however, instead of calm, the uneasiness grew. He sensed he was still extremely far away; however, he noticed what looked like a hole in the planet, much like a Meebee burrow, but immensely larger.

He was confused at first. There appeared to be no solid substance around the hole. So how could there be a hole in emptiness?

He still could not feel any conscious or unconscious activity within the hole.

He began to feel something he had felt before the unfortunate Hydranousians disappeared. He instantly became alarmed. Was he going to be unmade like the others? He needed to fortify his barriers and leave.

Before he could do that, he felt a wave hit him, as if it were a wave of liquid eterinite but nothing was there. He abruptly severed the link and reversed his flow back to the cave. As he went, he wondered if the hole emenatated the wave and why was he still there?

When he opened his eyes, he discovered an alarming change. The once clean cave was now littered with rocks, bone beasts who were One with the Planet, and lots of dust. He was covered in many layers of dust. He noticed the liquid eterinite dropping was gone. He also noticed something very odd. The Collective seemed bigger as if more individuals were supplying him with essence.

He stood up and experienced sharp pains in his back, hips, and shoulders. He began walking toward the hole in the wall leading outside slowly. He used a little essence to relieve the pain, but the stiffness remained.

Once out, he saw a change in his surroundings. He saw the liquid eterinite was gone and there were bushes and trees now around the hole in the mountain. The suns were the same, though it looked like a season had passed.

As he began to walk away, he noticed what appeared to be a trail leading to the distance. Why didn't he notice it before? He must have been concentrating on the hole in the mountain and liquid eterinite.

He decided to follow it. Hopefully, it would lead to a small village with liquid eterinite.

After walking a great distance, he spied what looked like a village. He bolstered his endurance and began walking faster. As he drew near the village, he noticed it had many Out of Phase retreats. He also noticed more dwellings than he anticipated. When he was almost upon the village, he now knew it was a city.

When he entered, instead of blending in, he became noticed and was soon visited by several of the locals.

Hello Old One, began a citizen, you have come a long way to be here. How are your reserves? Would you like to refresh yourself in one of many liquid eterinite pools or ponds?

While he did not need to replenish his reserves, he agreed. That is a wonderful suggestion. I would very much like to refresh myself.

Good. Afterward, we would like to speak with you regarding an offer. I am sorry, I am called Dewis.

Well met, Dewis. I look forward to your offer. Can you please direct me to the liquid eterinite?

I can do better, I will take you there myself. Please, follow me.

By using his connection to the Collective, he knew what the offer would be. They recently lost an Old One and needed to replace her. He searched the memories of some of the locals to determine where he was and the date. He was unaware of this city.

After a short probe, he was shocked to find out this city has been around for three hundred cycles. It started as a camp, became a village, and once people became aware of it, it became a city.

Three hundred cycles. That could not be right. As the Supreme High One, he was aware of all villages and cities. This is new to him.

At this time, he remember the wave that hit him when he was looking at the place with the color of One with the Planet. He remembered having the passing feeling of vertigo then nothing. Is this what the disappeared one felt?

We are here, Old One. I will await you here to discuss the offer.

Thank you, Dewis. I will return when my reserves have replenished

As he walked into the dwelling, it instantly became cool with the smell of fresh liquid eterinite. He entered the pool and sat down. It came up to his shoulders and when he laid back, it reached his neck. He decided this was much more comfortable than most of the pools he had visited before. It was like his private pool in the palace.

He then set his mind to searching for more information regarding this city and its citizens. By reading their thoughts, he became aware that this city, called Megatopulus, was deemed second to the area the palace is in. He also found out there still wasn't a Supreme High One yet. Of course not. As long as he is alive, another Supreme High One will not be created. He probed into this to see what the people thought. He found it was common knowledge the reason no Supreme High One had not been born was that the Elders were governing well.

He broadens his search within the Collective to find an Elder. He soon found one and began to probe. He instantly found a link to the other Elders. It was buried so others would not be able to see into it. He discovered the Elders were very worried about the absence of a Supreme High One to the point of panic. It had been five hundred cycles since the last one disappeared.

Five hundred cycles? That couldn't be. He disappeared, maybe, 15 cycles ago. He again thought of the wave that hit him. Did it push him five hundred cycles into the future? Did this "Time Anomaly" affect anyone else? Were the ones who disappeared also sent through time? He would need to research further.

How are you doing Old One, began Dewiss, I have been waiting for a while and became worried about you. Do you need more time?

No, I am just finishing up. I have been in the plains for a long time and needed to replenish my essence.

I am glad you came upon us then. If you are ready, I would like to walk with you to a destination and discuss my offer.

The Supreme High One was still reeling from finding out how long he was gone. He had, already, decided to take the offer of becoming a replacement Old One. He knew where this journey would end and was looking forward to it.

As they walked, Dewiss began his offer, I would like to offer you the position of a replacement Old One. The previous Old One became One with the Planet. This left us saddened because she was thought of highly among us. This also saddened us because we have so few Old Ones. We are wondering if you would want to become one of our Old Ones?

The Supreme High One waited a few minutes to speak. He wanted Dewiss to think he was weighing the offer. It will be nice to call someplace home.

I accept your offer, on the condition I tutor with the knowledge I have and will not be questioned, he stated.

"That is the way we want our Old Ones to do. Who are we to judge the Old Ones' experiences. It is an honor to have such a tutor."

Good, I am glad, he began, What was the destination we were going to. I am eager to see it.

We have arrived. This is your new home. We make sure our Old Ones are comfortable and taken care of. You have your pool of liquid eterinite refreshed by a stream, you also have a spot, if you want to use it, for your Out of Phase.

This is very much satisfying. Where do I go to obtain sitting rocks for my pupil and me?

I will arrange for someone to bring some to you to decide which ones you want. Is there anything else you need or want?

You have been a Blessing. I appreciate all you have done. I do not need anything else. I can begin anytime.

You will start when we can bring you pupils from the other Old Ones.

Life began again. The Supreme High One began tutoring Young Ones regarding their history, culture, planet's history, and time anomalies.


It had been 500 complete cycles since he began tutoring. He was largely left alone when not tutoring. He was assigned two pupils for one cycle. He was to guide them, inform them, and encourage them to strive for one with the Collective. During their time with him, he kept a close watch on their thoughts. He wanted to make sure a student like Eternity didn't slip by. If he would have seen one, he would block those thoughts from progressing.

He used many stories from when he was the Supreme High One and while he was a pupil. The stories would engage the attention of his pupils and begin their journey to complete adulthood. He used the tale of Eternity to provide the lesson of being one with the Collective and being true to yourself.

Most of his pupils were scared and unsure of what they wanted or expected. In cases where the pupil found it hard to progress, even as the cycle was close to ending, the Supreme High One would probe their minds silently and calm them. During their time away from him, he would instill many of the concepts they lacked or did not understand. He masked it as they finally understood what they have been taught.

During one of his tutoring sessions, a pupil did not understand why only the rarest of colors, the Highest Peak of the Mountain, became the Supreme High One.

"It is because the one who has that color is also gifted with superior essence and can channel in a much more complex way. For example, when a Supreme High One was a Young One, they can already read thoughts and emotions. They can break defensive barriers with ease and attune themselves to be one with the Collective. It is this way, they learn and adapt much faster than those of other colors. As they reach their maturity date, they are ready to become the Supreme High One."

While he was teaching her this lesson, he probed for questions or uncertainties and mentally answered those concerns. The Young One did not even realize that was happening because he focused on the unconsciousness of the pupil so it would form and become a conscious thought.

When he was done with his lecture, he asked her any questions she might have.

"Yes, I do", she began then hesitated. "Wait, I guess I don't. I didn't understand what you were saying at first, but then it suddenly was clear. The rare color signifies who it is, but it is the gifts that make them the Supreme High One."

"That is good. You are thinking and remembering the lecture and applying it to your understanding. You are making great strides recently. Excellent."

When the pupil has been influenced by the mind probe a few times, the mind becomes quicker at gathering and dissimulating the information and ideas.

Due to his help, the Supreme High One had the reputation of being an outstanding tutor. All of his pupils make the transition from Young Ones to adults and from there, pick a profession best suits their skills and mental capabilities. Most of them eventually become Elders and kept in contact with their Old One.

During his tutoring lessons, he discusses the time anomalies and his theory of how and why it happens.

"I have a theory that throughout our history, the planet and its inhabitants would experience the pull from the place of the color One with the Planet. With the pull of both our suns and the effects of the place the color One with the Planet, time anomalies frequently occur. Time could jump forward, backward, or completely vanish. It would be as if our original history never happened."

"Has it happened already?" asked the Young One.

"I believe so, I am pretty certain it has happened. But as I stated, no one can remember it happening. So how does one prove this?."

She thought hard about the answer. "I guess if, say, I remember it happening, I could share my thoughts and memories with everyone else. They would see the truth and remember it is a possibility of happening again."

"Very good thought process. You are doing well, he began. After sharing your thoughts, what if someone thinks you are an inflicted one with such strange ideas? We previously discussed the plight of all afflicted ones, ending with them being One with the Planet."

"Then I would not share. I would place it in a guarded area, she slowly began to answer, I would hide it from the Collective because of the ramifications."

"Good, you are thinking of what should be concealed and what shouldn't be. Always be diligent with your thoughts."

"I have a question, she began, Why did you teach me this if I can not discuss it with anyone?"

"An open mind requires information and truth, even those thoughts others would question. I believe someday this information will become common knowledge. It is best to know than it is to be ignorant. This goes for information that you disagree with, too. You can disagree, but have an open mind to accept everyone's ideas, thoughts, and beliefs."

"So I can disagree with someone, but I keep an open mind of acceptance?"

"You have learned much today. The session is over until our next visit. Think about what we've talked about. If you disagree, I will not be upset. It is your personal opinion, and I accept that."

The Supreme High One was glad his students are open to new ideas. He has worked with them to accept new ideas, even if they did not believe them. However, he felt the information about the time anomalies had been accepted. This meant others will begin to believe as he does. This information will soon become thoughts in the Collective.

Curious about what some of his older pupils, who have moved on, have done with the time anomalies information. He went into the Collective and searched for them. It was easy because he knew the touch of their minds and soon found them.

He probed their minds and experiences. He soon discovered all of them kept the information guarded. They also have let select others gain this knowledge. Wonderful! The information is being assimilated slowly, just as he hoped.

When it was time for the next tutoring session, the Supreme High One shared a story with his Young One:

There was a man who felt he was open to all information, no matter the source. He would let others see his thoughts and thought process so they knew what he believed and why. The Hydranousians who experienced his thoughts believed he was odd, but not inflicted. About every ten cycles, he would move to another settlement and share his thoughts. By the third and fourth move, he was known in the Collective as the Odd One.

The Odd One came to a small town to live. He had heard this town welcomed people with open minds, as long as they did not go against the Supreme High One or the Elders. He knew his information did not represent a threat to the Supreme High One or Elders.

He also knew that he still needed to be careful who he would trust. He had patience. He knew some people say they are open to information and thoughts but are secretly trying to find others who may represent a threat to the Collective. Those are the ones who live on the fringe of the Collective. They waited for free thinkers to walk into their trap and then expose them for whom they thought they should be.

When the Odd One came across small village, he was greeted by such a person.

Well met, stranger, I am known as Repard, she sent telepathically, I have not met you as yet.

Well met, Repard. I do not believe we have ever met in person, though I recognize your Collective signature. He felt Repard searching his thoughts. I assure you, there are no decisive thoughts within me. But, by all means, keep searching.

This startled Repard. She did not know she was being that clumsy during her search. She withdrew .her thoughts

By the time she withdrew, the Odd One had already searched her thoughts. He discovered who she was and her motives for exposure. He also discovered she has reported many others for her benefit by spreading false rumors and beliefs. The information she shared was what she thought she believed. In truth, she wanted to be elevated to a High One, even though she lacked the capacity for real power.

When the Odd One saw this, he knew this was a dangerous and unstable person. While he had dealt with others like her, no two were the same. He would have to use caution when allowing her access to information. He also knew he needed to remove this threat from innocent people.

His plan was simple. Allow her to probe him while he implanted thoughts in her. She will not notice because her attention will be elsewhere.

As he felt her light touch, he reached into her thoughts and began. He knew what information to plant and how. For him, it was a very simple process. However, he still used caution and diligence to insert the delayed information. When he was done, he saw she was still trying to get past one of his barriers. The barrier was a planted decoy to hold her attention. He then allowed opening his essence with the delayed information. He felt her eagerness to find something that would validate her story. Her essence began probing the false memory. She found one that piqued her interest.

After she found the information, her probing stopped. He soon felt her withdraw her essence from him. He immediately placed the impenetrable barrier back up. Now he would wait.

Repard began contacting her Collective informant, Temuus, are you free? She sent.

Temuus answered quickly, Give me a moment. He advised. A short time later, he contacted her, I am free now. What have you discovered?

I have probed the Odd One's memories and discovered what I thought. He is a traitor who is planning to overthrow the Elders.

Are you sure? That is a very bold statement, one that can get you into trouble if false.

It's true, I found it behind a difficult barrier. I am certain of this. I am contacting an Elder to show the probe. Wish me luck.

I do, though you are stepping on shaky ground.

The Odd One heard the whole conversation. He knew what was going to happen when she went to the Elder to share her condemning information.

Elder, may I speak with you? Repard sent.

I am free at the moment. What is it you need?

I have news of a traitor. He is known as the Odd One. I probed his thoughts without his knowledge. What I found is incredible. He is planning to overthrow you and the rest of the Elders. Probe me and see what I saw.

The Elder found she was happy to give him this information and smug because she was wanting to be an Elder at any cost. The Elder noted that. He became suspicious about her motive and built a barrier if any attack were to happen.

The Elder began his probe into Repard's mind. He easily cut through the useless information. He found the memory of the incident and opened it slowly. When he had opened it all the way, he easily looked into a bare area. There were no memories, thoughts, or probes.

You have wasted my time with false accusations. You have dared to lie to an Elder, knowing well I would discover your deeds, yet you made a mockery of my time and powers. I contacted the other Elders and they have witnessed your deceit.

It is known you find secrets of unwilling Hydranousians after you have either altered or misled the Hydranousian into having thoughts of overthrowing us. You are guilty of conspiring to make false witness and showing altered thoughts. The sentence for these crimes is to first, send out a warning to all the Collective of your deceit and fabrication, Secondly, we are blocking your probing actions. This means you will not be able to make contact with anyone. You will be Silenced. If someone wishes to contact you, they will find it blocked.

Repard felt a strong probe and then a feeling of nothing. She could not send thoughts to anyone. She began to know silence. She felt panic. How will she survive? What if everyone shuns her? Will she become an inflicted one waiting to become One with the Planet? She should have listened to Temuus! Will he contact her or shun her too?

The Odd One heard everything. He knew she would go to an Elder with the news. He also knew his trap would work, Planting a false memory was easy, but making it vanish was the tricky part, He needed to make sure if she opened it once, the trap was sprung and when she closed it, the memory would fade.

She would be shunned because she was attempting to deceive an Elder. She tried to find the Collective within her thoughts. She discovered there was still a link. She attempted to contact Temuus

Temuus, are you there? Can you hear me? Please answer. I need to hear your voice...Temuus? Temuus? Temuus!

She suddenly felt alone. There was no one. She could not live like this. She needs to know everything would be alright. She knew she only had to suffer for one cycle. Right now, it was an eternity.

The Odd One cut the probe. He knew she received the proper judgment. He also knew he was the one responsible for her silence. Even when he was the Supreme High One, he detested giving punishments. He knew they were warranted, but he still had sympathy for the defiler.

The Young One did not know how to respond and left without saying a word. The Old One chose this story because he has seen a deceptive trait within his pupil. It would be best to stop the pattern from fully developing.

The Old One prepared for his next pupil. He knew they would be leaving to study abroad. He hoped they would retain and use the information he gave them. He encouraged their curiosity and willingness to keep learning. That would be their completion reward.

He knew he would eventually have to leave. The thought caused doubt because he enjoyed tutoring and enjoyed the life he had. He would need to rethink his decision to leave within the next 50 cycles or so.

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