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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2274601
A love story between Deku and Ochako.
Deku: *Walking while carrying stuff*

Deku: Im not strong enough! I need to train harder. *Isnt watching where he’s going*

Ochako: *Also carrying stuff* (I wonder if Deku-kun feels the same about me….)

*They bump into each other and fall*

Deku: Ow!!

Ochako: Owww….

Deku: Sorry Uraraka-san! It was my fault! I didn’t watch where I was going-…..

Ochako: *Skirt pulled up and reveals her penis*

Deku: *Blushes and looks away*

Ochako: *Notices*

Ochako: (No no no!!!!!)

Ochako: *Teary eyes* AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Deku: C-calm down!!! Here, I’ll take you to my room and let’s talk about it there!…

*In his room*

Deku: S-so…. You have…. That….

Ochako: *Crying* I-I’m sorry…. I kept it a secret… I didn’t want anyone to find out….

Deku: …..

Ochako: I’m gross aren’t I?! I’m pathetic…. I’ll forget what happened and-

Deku: *Hugs her*

Ochako: *Surprised* D-Deku-kun?!

Deku: It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have, you’re still the same person. You’re not gross nor pathetic.

Ochako: *Blushes while looking at him*

Deku: *Blushes too*

Both: *What is this feeling*

Ochako: *hugs him* Thank you for accepting me for who I am!!! I’m sorry… I really didn’t mean to show it to you…

Ochako: Truth is… I….

Deku: ?

Ochako: *Kisses him*

Ochako: I-I like you….

Deku: *Blushes* W-w-whaaaat?!!!!

Ochako: (I just did it!!!)

Deku: *Kisses back*

Ochako: *Blushss but kisses too*

Ochako: *Wraps arms around him and uses tongue*

Deku: *Does the same*

Both: **Breaks kiss*

Ochako: *Saliva string breaks*

Ochako: **Breathing heavily** D-Deku-kun…

Deku: Uraraka-san….

Ochako: Hey. Can we have sex?

Deku: S-s-sex?!!!! As long as it’s fine with you…

Ochako: T-then…. Let’s have sex…

Ochako: **Taking clothes off** You take off yours too!

Deku: **Blushes** O-ok…

Deku: **Takes clothes off**

Ochako: *Blushing really hard* (I-it’s huge!!!!!)

Deku: *Blushing* Umm…. *Scratching his head*

Ochako: *Takes clothes off*

Deku: **Blushing**

Ochako: **Pulls Deku to the bed**

Ochako: **Faces ass towards him**

Ochako: I’ve never had set before so be as gentle as possible…

Deku: I-I’ll be gentle! I promise!!

Deku: **Puts it in**

Ochako: Ooooohh~~~~!!!!! **Grabs blanket**

Ochako: **Gets rock hard in seconds**

Ochako: Nnnnnnghhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!!! My penis~~~~!!!!!

Ochako: (I didn’t expect it to feel this good!!….)

Ochako: Deku-kun~~….. you’re making me so hard that it hurts~~~…..

Deku: *Blushes really hard*

Ochako: (I need to seduce him more~~~~)

Ochako: *Panting really heavily* Go harder~~~….

Deku: O-ok… *Goes really fast*

Ochako: Aaaaaaahhh~~~~~~!!!!!!

Ochako: Oooooh~~~~!!!! Oooooh~~~~!!!!!!

Ochako: (Im losing it~~~~~~~!!!!! It feels so good that I’m already gonna cum~~~~!!!!! I want to do this forever~~~~!!!!!)

Ochako: I-I’m gonna cum~~~!!!!

Deku: (Already?!!!)

Ochako: Cumming- I’m cumming- mmmmhhhooh~~~~!!!!!

Ochako: *Ejaculates*

Ochako: *Drools* Nnnnnnngggggghhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!

Ochako: Ngggaahh~~~~~…… aaaah~~~~…..

Deku: **Pulls it out**

Ochako: I came so much~~…..

Ochako: **Breathing heavily**

Deku: **Falls back tired**

Ochako: Aaaaaah~~~~!!!! (It felt so good~~~~!!!!!)

Deku: A-are you ok?!!

Ochako: M-more~~~!!!!

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