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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2274687
This story is about a young named Richard who had a very strange dream.
One night Richard had a very strange dream that felt real to him.
Richard went to see a seer lady named Pam. The lady looked at me, and notice that I was wearing a blue color ring on my left hand. Richard glance down at his hand, I notice I wore a blue ring and a brown leather band with arrows of blue and black. I wore a black cape that extended down to the floor. The lady had a weird look on her face. She asked Richard if he was from the tribe of the Mahoney Tribe. Richard reply I do not know. I notice a book was on the table that was opened. There was a glass window where the sun showed brightly. Pam left the room and would not talk to me anymore. I still wondered if I was from the tribe, Mahoney. I dreamed I traveled far from the land of Ireland. I had parents Mirra and Thong my mother and father. They raised me as a child of mercy. I lived near the ocean, where the seagulls flew wildly in the sky. Richard learns to fish and cast large nets off of boats. Mirra made leather clothes and silk clothes off the land. Mirra feed me and took care of me. Thong taught me how to hunt wild game from the land. Richard grew up as a strong young man and took over the work. The very night the moon showed brightly in the night sky, where he lay down at night. Richard travels on large ships to hunt whales and sea lions and other aquatic life. Richard made a gracious living through my adult life. Mirra and Thong had passed away a few months ago. Richard lives on the island of Ireland shore for many great years. Richard has met other groups of people that trade me for the aquatic food that I catch from the ocean. Richard met a lady on the shore, she likes to laugh and tell jokes to me. "The lady name Queenie," Richard thought it was a lovely name for a nice lady. Queenie lived off the land of Ireland she hunts and traps wild game. Queenie brings home fat elk and wild rabbits and sometimes a red fox. Queenie stays with me for 2 months and keeps me company.
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