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Looking for a safe space in my life.
Age 5

Started as a conversation,
Quickly turned into a fight,
Now shouts fill the house
And I tremble with fright.

Afraid to live
But don't want to die.
I'm searching for a safe space
To escape my troubled life.

Age 7

There's somewhere I found,
A place only I know,
A spot where I'm alone
And no one else can go.

In misery I live.
My family makes me want to die,
But now I found a safe space:
Inside my own mind.

Age 8

Here the shouts are silenced
And I have dozens of friends.
Day last forever
And playtime never ends.

With new hope I live,
Not wanting to die.
My perfect little safe space:
The quiet of my mind.

Age 12

The voices creep in,
Invading my head,
Saying all my friends hate me.
Would I be better off dead?

A joyless life I live,
But where would I go if I die?
I'm losing my safe space.
Something's happening to my mind.

Age 14

My family hates me,
And I hate me to.
But I hide the pain;
There's nothing else I can do.

No reason to live,
Too afraid to die.
Please, help me find a safe space
To escape my troubled mind.
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