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by Dave
Rated: E · Poetry · Family · #2274824
in Free Verse form
Every spring they would till the soil,
first with the spade, then the hoe and the rake.
He was the practical one, planting fruits and vegetables,
while she cultivated colorful beds of iris, petunia and tulips

On our knees, we gently put each bulb in its place
at the proper depth and spread the seeds along their furrows,
then covered them over, watered them down,
and rinsed our grimy hands with the garden hose.

My brothers and I played on the swing that hung from a branch of the apple tree
until she sang out, “Dinner’s almost ready. Come wash your hands.”
In the kitchen, the aroma of pies baking--
spicy apple, creamy pumpkin, or tart rhubarb--
and the sultry African violet in its pot on the windowsill
welcomed us to heaven on earth.

14 lines of Free Verse poetry: https://literarydevices.net/free-verse/
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