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Big Daddy's Last Cup of Coffee for Daily Flash
Big Daddy was sitting around his club, the Cosmos Club in Bangkok talking with his partner in crime, Kuhn Lek. They jointly owned the bar with her uncle the crooked police chief.

Big Daddy was an ex-CIA agent who was fired for assassinating enemies of the state in the U.S. He still worked for the agency from time to time doing various projects including recruitment and wet work. He also worked as a drug smuggler, a human trafficker, and a money launderer.

One day the drop-dead gorgeous Maria Lee came into the bar. She had a proposition for Big Daddy. She needed to launder the money she stole from her lover. Kim Jong-un needed his help. She was on the lam from the North Koreans.

Sam agreed to help her provided that she become an agency asset and provided dirt on both Kim Jong-un and on South Korean figures. In return, he would launder the money for her minus his customary fees, provided she spent the night with him.

She agreed to do so once the money was laundered.

Kuhn Lek was worried and a bit jealous. She told him,

“I don’t trust them.”

He said,

“Don’t worry. I got this. Everything will be okay.”

She came back the next week, in the morning as he was drinking his coffee, she said,

‘Big Daddy, it was nice doing business with you, the sex was great, too, But this was just a business arrangement. I had to kill you as I am a North Korean agent. Nothing personal just business. The poison will kill you stimulating a heart attack. Kuhn Lek was right to not trust me, you should have listened to her rather than given into your lust. Good bye “

That was the last words Big Daddy ever heard.
Prompt for 6/14
Write a story that includes the line: “I don’t trust them.”
Have fun!
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