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by Yio
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A gentle movie......
Finding Forrester, the tone of this movie is flat and I even felt a bit bored at the beginning, but it affected me the most. Jamal lost his father, William lost his family, and they were all looking for someone to fill this absence.In the process of acting as each other for each other, they became the most cherished relatives of each other.

The visitors have been there for a long time, but the people inside the house have been overwhelming for a long time.What kind of world we are in? The indifference is also boring. Many people are cautiously suspicious in the door, fearing that the door is a bayonet, a secular horn, and the unbearable light of life. William and Jamel are both visits and insiders, but they also finally gathered courage to open the door of the closed mind. When William gave that speech for Jamel, they also received their own success.One transparent literature. If you don't open the door, how can you know that the carnivore can also have muscle, and the poor can also return to spring. On the deadly destroyed bone, you can also bloom fresh and rich flowers.

Rather than saying that this is a thousand miles of encountering Bole, it is better to say that this is a chapter of salvation and salvation of each other. This movie gave me the warmth and writing motivation in my heart, and I was deeply moved in the bland tone.
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