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by Norman
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Nonsense · #2278175
The army has a word for that.
I know you’ve been there once or twice;
you’ve seen it all before.
Some crazy things that shouldn’t be.
Some stupid things, for sure.

The army has a word for that,
and others use it too,
an acronym that sums things up.
Yeah, that word is SNAFU.

Now you know what that really means.
I’m sure you’ve used that word.
But even if you never have,
it’s one you will have heard.

And Normal is the key, you know.
Things happen all the time.
Now, some of it is really weird
but seldom is a crime.

And so we just accept this stuff.
Well, what else can we do?
It’s something that we all live with.
Life’s just a big SNAFU.

But sometimes things get out of hand.
Then FUBAR is the word.
Yeah, that’s when things go off the rails
or really are absurd.

If you think SNAFU is a mess
you ain’t seen nothin' yet.
When things go FUBAR that’s the day
you never will forget.

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