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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

“I don’t like this place.”

“It has everything you wanted, and more.”

“Are you kidding? It doesn’t have anything I wanted. A view of the backyard?”

“But, they have all those beautiful gardens out front, and we don’t have to do the work!”

“We’ll, yes, they are nice… but I wanted a large dining room for parties.”

“And we can just turn the table so the end is a tad in the living room, and fit more people in than we’ve ever been able to invite!”

“True… but a guest room?”

“The den can have a convertible sofa for over nighters, we wouldn’t need to take care of a room we never use. You know how guest rooms collect junk. And, we can put a TV in there for the grandkids. We’ll be able to talk in peace for a change!”

“You really like this place don’t you… What’s up?”

“Remember I said ‘and more’?”

“So, what’s this big more, that makes this place so special?”

“Did you notice what was on the first floor?”

“A couple businesses? I didn’t notice… What is there?

“Aunt Jenny’s Ice Cream Shop!!!”


“Yes! We could get Aunt Jenny’s ice cream every day!!!”

“But Harry, I just finally got my badge from Weight Buddies! After three and a half years!!!”

“So now you can eat ice cream again!”

“But then I’ll gain it all back!!”

“Honey, I hate to tell you this, but you’re a lot more fun when you’re gaining, then when you’re losing…”

“What? Well, the meetings are more fun when you have something to lose… nobody looks at you like they think, you think you’re better than them…”


“You know, I knew there was some crazy reason why I married you!”

“Aunt Jenny’s Ice Cream! We are moving in!”
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