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An ode to Writing.Com on its 22nd birthday...
Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is-The month of September, finally here; summer will be over in a few weeks, and as of this writing, some of the kids in the good state of Delaware have already gone back to school. Meanwhile, something special is also taking place: The 22nd anniversary of this great old writing community that is known as Writing.Com!
Wow, 22 years, is it that long already?! I am glad those guys have made it this far to 22, and I hope they will continue to provide help and advice for great writers like myself in the next 22 years. It seems like only yesterday that by the time I came to this writing community, I had nowhere in which to show off my writing abilities. But since I have found Writing.Com, I can finally show off my writing creativity to the world.
I am so very grateful to the Writing.Com writing community for helping me face my fears of whether or not I should write, and that I would be able to write stories and other stuff with confidence, and I would very much like to add that we are celebrating Writing.Com's anniversary in a time of great uncertainty about our economy, etc. We can only hope that, with so many bad things going on, we could muster as much courage as we can to share something special with our audience in the hopes that they would take their minds off watching the news on television and escape to a much happier place.

My very best wishes to Writing.Com on its 22nd anniversary; I hope that you will continue to thrive in the next 22! *Wink*With *HeartP*-JW
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