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What a cool pencil,
Hello, my name is Randy and I am a pencil. If you care to join me I will take you on a journey through my life. As pencils go I have a very hectic life. I am a number 2 pencil, long and yellow and have a funny hat called an eraser. As a pencil I can do many amazing things. I can write words on a piece of paper that may be a famous book, a musical opera or a sold out play. I can draw pictures that they call art, that could sell for lots of money. Friends of mine have signed bills and laws for our country. There was a pencil one time that even signed the Declaration of Independence, he must have become very famous. I have a long line of pencils in my family that have very important jobs. My grandpa was the first pencil every to ride in a spaceship. My grandma was often asked to accompany the President to foreign lands to sign treaties. My mom and dad became the first pencils to help children learn to write their names in school. I once had a cousin who met the Queen of England.

I am just a young pencil only a few weeks old so I have yet to discover what my future will bring. Maybe I will write a biography of someone famous or perhaps sign a love letter to a soldier far away. There are so many possibilities for me. I am getting ahead of myself. Though my family has done wonderful things there have been tragedies in my family also. I had an uncle that was sharpened so much all that was left was his eraser. My own sister was sat upon and broken into. She was taped back together but to this day she can't erase any mistakes she makes. On of my friends a number 4 was thrown out of a bus window and run over by a car. Pencils do have a life that can be full of dangers such as pencil sharpeners So here I sit on this desk waiting for someone to use me, hoping I become famous and live a long life. My grandpa, the astronaut is alive and doing well in a pet store somewhere in Florida. My grandma was retired after signing over three hundred treaties for six presidents. My mom and dad were replaced by pens and retired to an old folks home where they play bridge. I see someone coming, they pick me up, I'm heading for the sharpener and now I am ready for my first job. I am excited and a bit scared. Will I make it through my first day? I'm sure my story will continue so please come back to see what my life has in store for me and maybe you.
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