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The tales of creation from the world of Terra Planos
WRITERS NOTE - Much of what you are about to read is still in rough draft format. Any mistakes you notice and care to tell me about would be much appreciated. Please also note that, due to the complextiy of the story i am trying to write, much of what is here may seem very disjointed and contain notes to myself.


ForceMaster - he whom would challange J.R. Tolkien

Commencement 1 - Of the tales of the World

“There are as many tales of creation as there are tellers of stories…”

         Tolressa (4366 EY)

So it was said by the wisest of all the Elfin mages, and so it is…

Times and names change, as do the interpretations of events that shaped the world. Great deeds that were turned to legend are re-made to 'god-like' import or scaled down to mere footnotes in the grander picture. Memories of atrocities, pain, suffering and evil fade to be eventually forgotten, doomed to be repeated by those who seek power that is not theirs to have.

It is also said that each tale takes on a personality. This is sometimes derived from the teller, sometimes from book it is laid down upon and sometimes from the audience that listens or reads the words on the page. But hidden somewhere is the origin of that tale that holds its true meaning. A meaning that cannot be corrupted by lies, deceit, or the creative alterations of tellers and scribes, however well meaning they are.

In the world of Terra-planos, a world that is rich in the creation of the physical arts like sculpture and architecture, and rich in the arts of language with poetry and song, indeed a world that is rich with life, there are many tales of joy and accomplishment. But where there is life, there is also death, and where there is death there is despair, grief and darkness and tales of evil.

Tales of hope abound like that of Tolressa, the Elfin mage, and his vanquishing of the dark wizard Kirzon, Leaharas and his fight against the tyrannical ruler of his homeland Opretis, and Jas’u’ser with his defiance of the Orcs in the pass of the Skyline mountains that bought his fellow villagers enough time to escape the hordes, though it was at the cost of his own life. But then there are the tales whispered in hushed tones for fear that they would bring evil down on the teller, like that of Drâgos, who enslaved entire villages to the thrall of his dark master’s iron smiths, forging weapons that would be used against their own people.

Many of these tales are now legendary in some halls across the world. In others they lie forgotten in books. In some the tales are even scorned. But each tale still has a truth deep within it.

What follows are the true accounts of the creation and the chronicles of a tale that spans a world that existed before the current one.
A tale of what was here before all else, witnessing as it did the birth of the light and of the darkness; and the chronicles of those who were present when the darkness that was born with the first light reached up to begin consuming all; along with the fight to see the light reborn.

Commencement II - The Creation

Before the forging of the world there was a great expanse though it had no name and was only given one in the fullness of time. It is now know to all, regardless of race or language, as simply 'The Vastness'.

There was nothing physical in this Vastness but it is beyond the doubt of the learned of all that the expanse had a will calling it home. The will is the divine Aeos.

Aeos, the first named and the Lord of All, that existed before the beginning and that will exist long after all other assembly has fallen into ruin.

For an eternity Aeos existed in the Vastness alone. But there came a point, even before time was conceived, that Aeos created those whom the Elves would collectively call the Aerdin, and whom the humans were to call Gods and The Lords and Ladies of Creation.

The Aerdin were the offspring of Aeos' thought and were like him in will. Many Aerdin there were each with their own name that Aeos gave them based around what part of the thoughts they had sprung from. There was (names list to go here of ½ a dozen Lords and Ladies)

So it was that for an immense length Aeos rejoiced in the Aerdin and they rejoiced in their existence and for Aeos.

Commencement III – Of Aeos, the Aerdin and the Celedrin

More story yet to go in at the start of this ch

And so it was that the Aerdin created their fist works in their attempt to be like Aeos.

But their work was flawed. For they had tried to re-create themselves but on a lesser scale so that they too might be seen as higher beings by something lower. Their creations were lifeless, hanging devoid of that energy the Aerdin themselves held within their will. And so their work began to fade.

Many Aerdin then felt the first weight of responsibility for their actions and wanted to call on Aeos to save their creations. But there was dissention. A small number of them wished to try again, saying that they must have done something wrong for their creations not to thrive as they had. So it was that the first dispute came among the Aerdin.

Aeos then appeared before the Aerdin and scolded them for their work. He told them that it was not yet there place to be creators, but that when other events had happened in the fullness of his vision, then other beings would hold them aloft.

More story to go here

Commencement IV – Of the Forging of the World

And Aeos showed the Aerdin his designs of a realm where the physical would manifest and be able to reach out and meet other physical presences. Of a world where the senses would flourish in smell, sound, sight, taste and touch.

The Aerdin were rendered astonished by this revelation and their interests were drawn by the subtlety and complexity of the vision, as it was to be till the end of all things, while the vision grew before them. So it was that, after a timeless age in the Vastness, with only each other for company, it was revealed to the Aerdin their purpose in existence.

Many now wished that Aeos would make this world as he had made them with an extension of his thoughts, so that it would exist before them now to behold. But Aeos denied them this saying that to form the world of his thoughts would make it little more than an extension of his own will.

Some of the Aerdin, chiefly among them ?names of the fallen Aerdin? Were dismayed this, saying the world, if forged from an extension of his thoughts would make it not more than a reflection of himself, then what were they, for they were an extension of his thoughts.

Aeos calmed them by saying that, although in some aspect they were of him, he had given to each a different part of himself and that, without the other parts, they were now something different, something other than a reflection, though at the moment of their birth this was less true.

So the Aerdin asked if Aeos would not form the world from his thoughts, how was it then to be made.

Aeos then revealed to the Aerdin the secret of the Atollme that would come to be known as Atoms in the language of humans in an age beyond reckoning. So Aeos told the Aerdin to create the Atollme and after creating the first himself, watched each in turn as they forged their own, infusing it with part of their divine essence to give each distinct qualities and abilities that they perceived important.

When Aeos had seen all the Aerdin had forged their Atollme he bent his will to them all, forcing them together in the Vastness. As they met, Aeos made them multiply and fuse, thereby starting the creation go the first of the physical.

The Aerdin, in their joy at seeing the physical, danced around the growing sphere with their delight radiating from them to illuminate the barren surface for the first time with the first light.

But again the Aerdin were disappointed for though they now marvelled at the light they brought forth, they could clearly see the world was barren and without the life they had so wished to view.

Commencement V – Of the first shadow

When the first light shined down from the Vastness that was, for a while, the sky of the lifeless rock that was to be the world, it could be seen that the surface was not smooth. But neither was it overly rent with canyons and fissures, rather it was more like a block of wood waiting to be milled by a skilled craftsman.

The light was as bright and pure as any could hope to be, radiating from the Aerdin in their joy at the physical now manifest. But, when light shines, there is inevitably shadow. Though the shadows cast were held only in the deepest and most twisted rifts in the surface of the world.

Yet if the thoughts of the Aerdin had been pure, then the light would have been all the more magnificent and would have cast these shadows away, leaving the possibility that the world would have become a very different place, leading to a very different end.

But the light was not pure. For upon seeing the barren land before them, a few of the Aerdin were once again suffering from despair. They had expected Aeos to have taken what each had laboured over and use it to create the grand design. But it had not been so.

But before some, namely Arsennis, could voice his protest, Cärriaben, the greatest o the Aerdin and the most like Aeos in mind, understood.

Turning to Aeos with the light of new knowledge in his heart and mind he prostrated himself and said unto the Lord of All “I see now that which you have endeavoured to teach.”

Aeos’ radiance and presence turned to Cärriaben and replied, “And what is it that you have learnt before your brethren?”

“That no task is easy and we must strive for your vision under your guidance till the world is made as you wish.”

Aeos contemplated this reply for a moment, his divine essence delving into Carriaben’s own to understand the thinking of his creation. What he found was at once more than he had designed in the Aerdin at their birth, yet less at that point than he had hoped for.

Taking Cärriaben aside, Aeos spoke to him alone. “To some extent you speak true, but you do not yet see the whole truth. However you are the first of my creation to come upon the tip of my design on your own so to you I grant a gift. That gift is kingship over all the other Aerdin and the Celedrin and the greatest part to play in much of what is to come. For you are right in that rarely is a worthy task easy because continued passion for existence can only be found in challenges and even to you and all the Aerdin, does this apply. Hence you must strive and labour.”

Aeos now seemed to grow graven before Cärriaben. “But my guidance you shall not have,” he continued. “At least not directly. For only on five occasions will I intervene in the world and its making beyond what has happened here. The first time will be to give life to the ageless, whom will eventually become known to all as Elves. The second time will also bring life, but this time it will bring temporary life in the form of the mortals. Beyond this I will not hint at what is to come, as it is too early to share that knowledge yet. So now I charge you, will you go forth into the world and begin it’s shaping, to strive for the design that started in my will but that now resides in yours as well?”

Cärriaben paused for a moment. He was divided in mind and spirit, for though the love for the world now coursed through him, he felt misgivings. “Will I be alone in this endeavour?” he asked at prompt from Aeos who had asked him what it was that troubled him.

“Nay,” replied Aeos. “For you are king of the Aerdin and Celedrin and a king must have a court and council. Therefore you will be accompanied by any of the Aerdin or Celedrin whom care to go forward into the world with you.”

Cärriaben was much heartened by this but still he paused and again Aeos prompted him for what troubled his mind. “I can see that the road ahead will be long, but it does not seem hard, though there might yet be troubles further down the road than I can see. If we are to strive in the world, where then are the challenges?”

Aeos paused Cärriaben here and asked in reply “there are no reassurances I can give to you about what is to come and if you would rather not go into the world, there are others who would take your place, though this would darken my heart.”

“I will go,” replied Cärriaben, “for I can clearly see my love for what is to come and I would dearly love to play a part in the grand design by following my heart. But I lack the words to describe what it is I can feel on the horizon.”

Aoes’ radiance then shone brighter as he turned to all the Aerdin and Celedrin, his light more glorious than their light could ever have been and almost casting the shadows away or extinguished them. But it did not quite, for Aoes had, when he forged the world, made it so that for every action there had to be an equal and opposite reaction. So instead the shadows were driven down deeper into more hidden rents in the world where it would take an age for them to surface and made some of the Aerdin and Celedrin cower before the might and magnificence of the Lord of All.

“You see now the start of the gift those who would descend upon the world to make it fair would receive,” he said to all the Aerdin and Celedrin. “For in the building of the world you shall feel great joy that is yet beyond your reckoning. You shall love ever more your labours and cherish them. But here also is the doom. For though your works in the world will be great indeed, it will come to be that they will bring you grief and pain like no others will ever suffer, bar a few who are yet to be. But this will only happen to those that dare face the building of the world. Those who remain behind in the Vastness with me shall not know the great grief, though they will know a little of the joy, and still have their small parts to play in the greater scheme.”

So Cärriaben stood forth from the gathered and said in a loud clear voice, “I am Cärriaben, king of the Aerdin and Celedrin. I will go forth to the world and forge it, alone if I must, but I would gladly accept the company of others and their assistance in this task if they so wish.”

Cärriaben had barely finished talking when Oyxiden, who until the boon of Aeos had been granted to Carriaben had been the closest in mind to him, said in her pure voice, “I shall go with you into the world, for though I fear grief will wound us in the end, I would suffer that grief to partake in the joy when the world breathes with life.”

Aeos nodded. “So you wish it, so shall it be,” he said. “For your courage, I shall grant to your Atollme the gift of breath. All living beings shall have to pay you reverence for if they do not, then they will cease to breathe.

To be continued… All work past this point is being written currently, and will follow as and when I get a chance to write it.

names of Aerdin who fall (adapted from Dante's Divine Comedy_Dragnignazzo, Alichino, Barbariccia, Calcobrina, Caynazzo, Cirato Sannuto, Farfarello, Grafficans, Libicocco, Rubicante and Scarminglions
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