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Re: An nnnouncement made at choir practice: Is it a sign!?!

Went to choir practice yesterday evening.

If you will allow me to brag, I think that Colonial United Methodist Church has a really great-sounding choir--especially considering that I'm a member of it! L:)L:)L:)L!!!

Actually, I'm not the choir's only handicap. In fact, I actually don't sound all that bad when mixed in with the rest of the choir--and have, believe it or not, even done solos at times.

What one who hadn't heard us but just saw our stats might see as a handicap would be our size.

Counting the director and the pianist, we have well under 20 members even when those who sing with us part-time have joined us--and usually average around a dozen.

That would be a large number for a band, but it's a small number for a choir.

With the weather changing so much here in the Hoosier Heartland, what is seen as singing our best varies.

This is especially true when we come to Wednesday evening rehearsal after a big day of doing whatever keeps each one of us busy and has us almost ready to come there in our jammies and bring our beds with us.

But, come Sunday morning, I think anyone listening would be very favorably impressed with what you hear out of us.

We're just a volunteer choir--and not a very big one at that--but our songs will touch you in special ways!

In short, we love what we do and people enjoy listening to us! We're good!!!

But we know that we couldn't be this good without God's help!!! I believe that this is our secret of success!!!!!!!

During the months of July and August, the choir takes a vacation, and the special music is a combination of different people doing specials and times of having people request extra hymns from the hymnal and doing a verse of each one.

Paula (our choir pianist--who also is the church organist) will be going (along with her husband, Nick) on a family vacation with her son, daughter-in-law, and their two sons and will be leaving in a little over a week.

She'll be back in time to accompany our grand finale on June 30.

In the meantime, Diana (our music director) will manage to play the organ for the congregation and play the piano for the choir while directing us.

This will be true, unless we're blessed enough to have our minister's niece, Daniella, to come to our church (she has her own church and is a preacher's kid, to boot) play the piano during part of that time.

Then, Diana will be able to only play the organ at the beginning and end and will be able to direct the choir and the congregational hymns.

So, a vote was taken yesterday evening:

Did we want to make yesterday evening our final rehearsal (besides Sunday morning run-thrus) until late August or early September?

It was done by a show of hands.

We women all raised ours--and the three men didn't, just for meanness!

I think that, perhaps, one woman (Anita) didn't raise her hand. I can't remember now.

But Diana told the guys that the majority ruled, so, if they wanted to come and practice, they could just get together and do it without her.

Well! You know what THAT means!!!

That means that June 12 is open from one end to the other--June 12 of this year being the first anniversary of when Johnny Angel kissed me romantically for the very first time.

Somewhere within that day--since I don't have to hurry back to choir practice--there will surely be a block of time (even if only for a few minutes) when Johnny Angel and I can get together.

I hope so, anyway.

I guess I'll know, in time, if this surprise early vacation is a sign.

Perhaps, the choice has been left up to me as well as to Johnny Angel. . .

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