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Line Item Bio of JohnAshen

Name: John G.
Birthday: October 5, 1974
Appearance: I was a red-head once, I swear
Location: Central Texas
Major Flaw: Laziness          Major Strength: Wit
Philosophical Adherence: Tolerant self-reliance
Writing Rituals: Fast & furious but only when inspiration strikes
Influences (in literature): Raymond Feist, Ayn Rand, Orson Scott Card, Robert Pirsig, Ogden Nash, Edward Rostand, T.S. Eliot, Robert Heinlein
Favorite Adulthood Book: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Hobbies: watching movies, eating cheese, Texas Hold'em, and writing relationship poetry
Five Famous People I'd Like To Meet: Mary Stuart Masterson, Kevin Bacon, Paul Giamatti, Kermit the Frog, and Alyson Hannigan*Blush*
Five Personalities I'd Like To Interview (any): Joss Whedon, James Cameron, Socrates, Leonardo Davinci, and Walt Disney
Five Items I'd Bring If Banished (from society): Tetris, a soccer ball, Q-tips, a few books, & a towel
Five Things I Love: cheese, cleverness in others, snuggling, getting lost in book/movie plots, and playing with hair
Five Things I Hate: stupidity, impatience, spitefulness, unsolicited advertisements, and unenforced rules
Five Favorite Words: enchanting, honey, allure, smirk, anywho
Five Words I Wish Didn't Exist: shut up, ur, faith, cute, so
Five Things I'd Like To Do Before I "Bite It": first make sure "it" is bite-sized!, see Feist's first saga animated, own an RV, lobby for communication tollbooths, and surf again
Dream Career?: I guess it would combine my strengths: game design, online community engineering, and foreign language skills. Oh yeah, and there needs to be free cheese involved.
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