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by Cyrus
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Sci-fi · #652473
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1st Draft

I gained consciousness slowly, only dimly aware of the world around me. I cannot exactly say the year it was that I fell into this dreamless slumber, but by all approximation I place it around the turn of the second millinium. As I soon found out over five thousand years had passed and the earth as I had known it had expanded its boundaries to the farthest reaches of space, as we all in the 21st century had expected. What had not come in those years was armeggedon.
Let me relate you a brief history that has brought us to this year. About a hundred years or so after I slipped out of conscious thought, the world was united, what made this possible was a new technology that bound all earthlings to a single cause, space colonization and exploration. Through political manuevering and social reconstruction most of the earth's population was brought under the influence of post modern western thought.
So it was that 5000 years later the earth's ever expanding empire throughout the cosmos is still driven by consumerism, and domination.
The technology that made this all possible was discovered by a man. A genius by all standards, a problem child, a lunatic, but unlike all lunatics before him, he brought all of his wild and 'crazy' thoughts to life, and into reality. His insanity brought the change that transformed all thought, religion, and more specifically, society.
He discovered a matter that is not matter, that is a substance that is nothing, but at the same time, everything. What this meant exactly is that the very machines of imagination could be conjured out of thin air, forests could be replaced, extinction virtually wiped out. Natural resources easily replaced. The fact is that this madman had discovered a cure-all for a consumer driven society that by the time I had fallen asleep had begun to cannabalize itself.
This technology was not so great that you could play God and create new biological creatures. You required some blueprints of a creature already living, trying to create for some reason only led to disaster. You may ask, what of inorganic things? In these things man was already playing God many years before even I was born, and continue even to this day.
The great thing about the insane is that realities of difference coincide, and so that their inspiration is such that their dreams are utterly original and they create things that have not even been thought of, or are deemed impossible. Such are not the constraints of the insane. This "cure-all" was one such thought, one such dream. The founder of societies expansion, the madman did not stop there, but in fact went on to discover, or invent, the machine that made space the focus of human thought.
This machine, so complex that it is essentially not understood is transported in a beam of particles that can pierce the very shroud of space. If I was to think of an example of this I would have to say this: think of a piece of paper laid flat on a table, now think of the distance of space being two points on this paper. Now imagine folding the paper so that those two points are actually touching, then no distance is actually seperating them. Then punch a hole between those points and that is the best analogy that I can come up with.
These machines then instantaniously appear on what ever rock in space they are aimed at, and proceed to bring into existance a very living planet through a process dubbed as 'terraforming', as well as the completion of great cities. This was perhaps the greatest godsend of all, because despite the best efforts of the government the population was exploding, and overcrowding was fast becoming a major problem.
You could almost say that in the time it takes for a bomb to explode that humans exploded through all known space, and even unknown space as an act of final desperation. Only a little slower than instantanious. What then was the drawbakc of this age of miracles? A simple thing really, perhaps the simplest. It is the fact that a simple collection of atoms cannot be spawned by this anti-matter, this madmans dream. That is it could not make any gasses.
So it was then that humanities only surviving industry was and is the mining, refining, and storage of different gasses.
This is how it was when I arrived on the planet named simply as Sigma. Sigma is a highly industrialized planet whose whole purpose was the mining, refining, experimentation, and storage of a newly discovered compound, a new gas, whose properties were mostly unknown.
Violence in these days was a thing of the past, literally a myth in this age. I arrived on a shuttle with a group of other humans. Why here? For me it was curiosity that first drove me to seek immortality, and now with little left undiscovered this planet offered one of the few unknowns in the known universe.
As I have said violence was a thing of the past, but that never stopped humans from having weapons, and things of distruction. Even if it is only monitary agencies that control them. You may say that humanities distrust in themselves as well as what monsters that live in their imagination that force them to entrust their lives to the whims of the forces of destruction.

For more on the world check out the journal on this account. thats where i keep the ideas.
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