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The branch manager is playing on our team this week? Yikes!
Well, it's begun. A couple of weeks has gone by. Our team has kind of settled into itself and I think we are confident that we'll do well this year. The team is made up of myself (the weakest link!), Trey (the strongest link and team captain), Kevin (another strong player and great putter), and Nick ( a seasoned player with a great approach shot).

We're tied for the lead with another team at 9 under total.

When I heard that Chris was substituting for Kevin this week, I was a little worried. You see, in this business of insurance that I am in, golf seems to be a pretty important ingredient. All insurance agents play golf. Insurance companies look to insurance agents for customers. Consequently, insurance companies take insurance agents out on the golf course all the time. Part of the reason I'm learning to play golf is to better my career. Sounds like a big excuse, right? Well, it's not. I fit better with the company if I can play golf.

It's that simple. Eventually, I hope to switch gears, get out of my cubicle and get into the marketing aspect of the business. Then I can go visit agents, and make more money. Golf will help me do that. I'm convinced of that.

So, when I heard that the manager of our branch was playing with us this week, I knew I really wanted to be ready to play my best. My first tee shot wasn't all that great, but I got better over the rest of the night. I wound up with a lot of nice tee shots, straight and long. I also had some very nice, crisp, approach shots that impressed even me. My short game sucked, putting and chipping both, which prompted Trey to tell me,

"I can tell that you're a real golfer now, because last week your short game was good but you couldn't hit your drives. This week you have no short game but your drives are much better. That's the sign of a REAL golfer."

I liked that comment.

All in all, I played well enough to impress the boss. I don't think he really thought of me as a golfer until before that... At the company picnic he specifically made a point of telling me that he was impressed with my game, such that it is. This was a big career step in the right direction for me.

And now I can take a huge sigh of relief.... Whew!

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