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by hippo
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Huge red fire truck, hurtling down the road
Brilliant blue lights burning into the night,
Two tones blaring,
"Make way for us, we've a fire to fight"

Flames scarring, building smoking,
Firemen dressed in full BA.
Hoses slithering in the wetness
Snaking o'er the ground they play.
Orders shouted through the roar
Of water gushing, fire exploding,
Ladder pump extends its long arm
To the windows high above.

From the sea of worried faces
Standing on that shell shocked street,
Comes a gasp! and pointing fingers
Stomachs churning, eyes do meet.
High atop the swaying gantry
Round his shoulders draped and still,
Strong arms holding, laden down,
Has the blaze made its first kill ?

Slowly..... Slowly..... oh, so slowly,
Carrying his priceless load,
Down the rungs so carefully treading
Each step greeted with an " Ooo0h "
At the foot of that escape route
Eager hands reach out and take,
The precious child, that was just pluck-ed
Out of the firey jaws of hell.

Within a few heart-pounding moments
Breath into the girl was poured,
She gasped and coughed, a yell went forth
" She is alive, Thank the Lord ".
Too many die from smoke inhalation
Too many lives are put on hold
But smoke alarms inside our homes
Would save many a life we are told.

In times such as these
Panic often ensues
Thank God for the angels
Of the Blues and Twos

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