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To honor a wonderful host.
For Dena

The pathetically misshapened creature’s movements were as slow yet sure as those of a Sloth. He moved quiet as a whisper against a snowflake. The silence of the room cushioned the insistent clacking of the woman’s fingers upon her computer keyboard. She was oblivious to the horror approaching from behind, in her darkened study, in her vacant home. It was her place. A room where she had regularly brought to life, horrible stories of fright and fear, fictionalized horror that paled in comparison to the grotesque reality that had come to visit her this night. The very visage of this aberration of the human form and intellect was enough to arrest the hearts and twine the arteries of it’s legion of past victims.

Bulging yellow eyes the size of adult testicles squinted through thick and greasy shocks of black hair that seemed to hang from its scalp in the manner of southern tree moss. It’s primordial weapons of bared teeth and ancient fingernails, stained with blackened blood from previous kills, appeared ready for a usual night of wet destruction. The monster hovered briefly behind the innocent and unknowing female. He seemed to hesitate while smelling her scent, wallowing in his lascivious and dark fantasy of what he was about to do to her when he looked over her shoulder and read her letter. She was writing a notice to dissolve a group of horror fiction writers. Again he was distracted by her sweet smell and the thoughts of sucking the blood from the heart he would tear from her chest. Still, he hesitated, the woman looked so sad and forlorn, the creature looked over her shoulder and read the note again. A look of comprehension spread slowly across the creatures misfigured face, and his yellow bulging eyes took on an expression of sympathy.

The monster raised his razor sharp fingernails and patted the sultry woman on the shoulder and raspingly whispered, “I will remember you.” The beautiful woman quickly turned only to see nothing but the shadows. The creature had disappeared as suddenly as he had arrived.
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