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From the colt's perspective
This guy's a standin' near me
With a square thing and a rope
He keeps swinging as I lope around,
He sure thinks I'm a dope.

Don't he know we chat amongst us?
Don't he know we colts ain't dumb?
I know that square ol' things a blanket,
I know he wants me neath' his thumb.

Well he's gonna have to earn it.
Yep he's gonna have to squirm.
I'm a heap bunch smarter than the last,
This time it's him will learn.

That a horse can be a partner,
That a horse can be a friend,
But if that's a gonna happen
Then we'll both just need to bend.

Cuz I'll take on your old square thing,
I'll even calmly wear your rope.
What I won't put up with ever,
Is a mean unfair cowpoke.

Don't go thinkin' you can spur me
Just to show off to your friends,
Don't go tying down my head
To make me think you're gonna win.

I've got spirit Cowboy, plenty
And when we're ridin' on the range,
I think you'll find that's pretty handy,
Get you further than some change.

I won't give it to you easy though.
Show me now that you're right smart;
Start me with a little feel,
And in return I'll give my heart.
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