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A Pegasus attempts to escape an unforgiving island.
657 words

         A Pegasus horse stands on a grassy cliff which drops into a turquoise sea. He is a stallion of white, as pure and untainted as newly fallen snow. He allows the breeze to caress his mane and body, as it does with the jade grass under his hooves. Muscles ripple as the Pegasus picks up one delicate hoof and lightly paws the ground. This stallion is anxious, he wishes to take flight with his pearl feathers and leave the earth beneath his feet. To him, the air, the earth, and the grass beneath him tremble with his body.

         The sounds of crashing waves against the rock cliff resound within the Pegasus' ears, and he looks upon it with his brown eyes. Swirling, foam filled water runs against the earth, and then retreats. It retreats to gain strength, and then rushes toward the cliff's rocky bottom with such fierce power and speed that for a few seconds the ground quivers beneath his feet.

         The Pegasus looks away from the sight below him. He folds, then unfolds his huge wings of feathers, stretching the muscles which control his only means of flight. His wings look like those of an angel would have, and they glimmer as if diamonds are encrusted within them. But, blood taints his pure white feathers, blood from his fight with a fellow stallion for a harem of mares. The Pegasus fought against a black unicorn named Cobalt, but the unicorn won the battle. Now, he is afraid that he would be stranded on this island of sea and grass.

         The stallion neighs to the sky above and rears up on his hindquarters. His forelegs paw the air in frustration and he shakes his head. He is tired of waiting, and all he wants is to fly back to the island where his family lives. The Pegasus lands on his four legs and turns on his haunches to gallop away from the cliff. His long, elegant legs sweep across the ground as he runs several feet and swings his hindquarters sideways, coming to a stop facing the cliff. He feels as if he was the waves beneath this island. He has retreated to regain his strength and now he wans to pound this pile of rock into nothing to escape it.

         The Pegasus jumps forward and gallops toward the cliff. His speed increases with every step and he quickly approaches his only escape. With his last stride upon the earth the stallion gives a mighty push with his hindquarters and flies over the cliff's edge. For several seconds he flies through the air, finally airborne. But, he soon catapults toward the unforgiving sea below. The Pegasus folds and unfolds his wings as he attempts to stop his fall to the stirring and angry waters, which he is fast approaching.

         With a powerful flap of his wings the stallion stops his descent downward and stops just above some jagged rocks which surely would have killed him upon impact. The Pegasus allows his wings to cease movement; and he lands softly on one particularly large rock which is flatter than the rest. His eyes scan the endless sea before him and he hangs his head in disgust for his inability to fly. The waves beat against the rock he stands on and the stallion closes his eyes as the salty water covers his body in a light mist. The sound of the waves seem to be telling him to fly, to escape to the skies above. The stallion decides to attempt to fly again and rears up on his hind legs. The Pegasus pushes off with his hind legs and jumps up into the air as the waves retreat. His wings flap furiously through the air and his body slowly raises above the waves below.

         The Pegasus neighs victoriously as his wings finally cooperate and he soars into the blue skies and flies toward his home. He escapes the hold of gravity, of the earth itself. The mystical creature believes that he is wild as the waves which fought the land, and that nothing could hold him back.
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