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One stormy day
He sat on the bench all alone with a heavy heart. With tears filling his eyes, the storm felt sorry for him.

She called her clouds to gather, hitting together with the crackle of thunder. She cried and as her tears consumed the city, the young man looked up into the sky with a silent "thank you."

The storm took a lady's form and held out her hand to the man. "Run away from your pain." Together, they entered a world of their own. The man's heartache was forgotten. He turned to the storm for comfort and for touch, and soon for love. The storm was in love from the day she had seen him crying on that park bench and she never wanted to leave.

The world started to feel the absence of the storm. Droughts covered the world. Grasses and fields dried up. The two hid in a little shack in the clouds. They spent every moment together. The man began to forget what life was like back on earth. His family, his friends, his life ... it was all a memory, and he was living in a dream.

One late evening in the hottest summer in history, Mother Nature came to the young couple. She said, "My children, you cannot hide away here any longer. The world needs the rain, and the man must return to the earth where he was born. You have different paths to take."

The storm refused to give up her new love. She gathered her clouds again in fury, pushing back Mother Nature.

Mother Nature sighed. "I am sorry, my daughter, but he must go back," and with that there was a flash of lightning. The man fell back to the earth and awoke in a hospital greeted with his father connoting a nurturing bedside manner.

The storm began to cry! The rain came down all over the world. Her broken heart flooded the rivers and filled the seas. Day after day, there was rain. Late on the twenty-fifth day of rain the man told his family he had to get to the park. Uncertain of his request his father refused. "We have watched you in a coma for weeks now and you want us to let you go out into this storm?"

"You don’t understand, Father. It's raining because she loves me."

"Who loves you, my son?"

"Please trust me, father. I will be back."

"When you are healthier, we will go to the park together." And that was the end of the discussion.

Mother Nature tried to calm her daughter. "You are flooding the world. You are hurting innocent people."

"I care not for human life. I suffer, why not them?"

"Because it is our responsibility to give them the things they need to live, not to take from them. They need us."

"I took care of them for years, and the thanks I get? A broken heart, and a man that I cannot be with. He will not even remember our time together and if he does, he will write it off as a dream."

"That’s the way it has to be," Mother Nature said, "You should not have interfered in the first place, my child."

The storm separated the clouds and let the sun do his job of brightening the damp world below them. The weeks passed and the rainstorms turned to snow and back again. The circle of life was returned. The clouds came and went. The winds sang a lonelier tune than before, and the rain was colder. There were no more floods, nor more droughts. The love the storm had found, she locked away its time in her mind for days; and days in the heaven become the years of earth.

Late one autumn many seasons later, the storm saw a man sitting on a bench. She remembered the teary look in his eyes and she was drawn to him. The clouds filled the park and raindrops fell all around him. He looked up to the storm. "I remember you, My Lady." He had grown old and his life was almost over.

The storm sat down by him. The tears in his eyes vanished. "I want to thank you," he said. "I fell in love with a beautiful woman after loving you. We had three lovely children: Jacquelyn, Kevin and Stormy. They have all grown up and have grandchildren of their own now. I am tired. I have lived a long life," he told her.

The storm nodded. She had watched him over the years.

"I have loved, I have lost and I am ready to leave this world behind." He looked at her. She was still young and lovely just as he remembered. The storm could see the distance growing in his eyes.

"You can not leave me," she cried, "not after all this time apart."

The man looked at her, "My Stormy Lady, I will love you forever." And with that, his soul passed on and all life left his body. The storm let out one last cry of love as she drifted upwards into the darkened sky.
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